Comprehensive Handbook on Water Quality Analysis for Distribution Systems

By Kevin E. Lansey and Paul F. Boulos

First Edition: 2005, Hardback, 448 pp.
ISBN 0-9745689-3-7

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Safe drinking water is essential to life. While effective water treatment is imperative, the distribution system itself represents the final barrier in safeguarding water quality and plays a critical role in protecting a nation's health, stimulating its economic growth and prosperity, and quenching its thirst.

Modeling and analysis of water quality in distribution systems is vital in giving engineers a better understanding of the dynamics of water quality variations, the complex processes taking place in the distribution system environment, and the ways in which these factors impact system performance and safety. Comprehensive Handbook on Water Quality Analysis for Distribution Systems brings together the theoretical and practical information needed to conduct these crucial water quality simulations in pipes, at junctions, within reservoirs and tanks, and in complex networks. It provides a comprehensive overview of distribution system water quality modeling, from steady state equilibrium to more sophisticated dynamic analysis techniques and reaction kinetics, encompassing transformations that occur in the bulk water phase, at the pipe wall, and within storage facilities. Mastery of these analyses will lead not only to better understanding of the factors affecting water quality degradation in drinking water distribution systems, but to enhanced management, design, operation, protection, rehabilitation, and maintenance of those systems - resulting in safer water for everyone.

Written by world-renowned industry experts, Comprehensive Handbook on Water Quality Analysis for Distribution Systems offers the most extensive reference ever published on water quality transport and mixing in the distribution system environment. Featuring more than 100 solved problems, this working handbook for engineers, operators, regulators, students and practitioners provides an unprecedented educational experience on the critical topic of water distribution systems engineering and management.

"Comprehensive Handbook on Water Quality Analysis for Distribution Systems is a single reference offering a comprehensive review of the principles, phenomenon and current trends in the operation of treated water distribution systems. The text will be of value to students, engineers, distribution system managers and operators.”
-- Nathan O. Walker, Hydraulic Modeling Specialist, HDR Inc., Denver, CO

"Comprehensive Handbook on Water Quality Analysis for Distribution Systems provides an essential reference for this developing field. Like MWH-Soft's other handbooks, the authors have written a concise yet comprehensive coverage of distribution system water quality modeling topics. This book provides detailed guidance and practical techniques for developing and applying models in the pursuit of improved system performance and satisfied customer service and regulatory objectives."
Jon Gray, PE, Project Manager and Chief Engineer/Modeling, Burns & McDonnell, Kansas City, MO

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