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Knowledge share is important to us at Innovyze and these Webinars provide a terrific venue for periodic technology updates related to our software, industry developments, and regulations.  To ensure you receive announcements about our Webinars, please make sure you are signed up to our Newsletters. Recordings of our past webinars are available here.

DMA Webinar


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InfoMaster Webinar

2015 Innovyze EMEA Smart Water Webinars

Smart Water technology continues to evolve at an astounding pace with new solutions entering the market promising huge energy savings, accounting for every drop of water, predicting pipeline failures, and more.  The promise and hype of smarter water systems have intrigued many utilities, but adoption isn’t widespread. Costs and benefits—the limiting factors—many times can’t be easily justified. 

What has always worked in the industry is incremental change; take a complex problem with multiple moving parts and slowly solve it one part at a time starting with the low-hanging fruit. This approach means the industry needs practical, intermediate and cost-effective solutions to work before operators and managers are ready to use or believe in automated smart water sensing technology.

The following webinars are now available for registration:

Webinar Date
Moving to InfoWorks ICM - Modelling Following the Retirement of InfoWorks CS Tuesday 24th February 2015
11am-12pm (GMT)
Smarter Asset Management Part 1 - Robust Day-To-Day Management of Assets Thursday 12th March 2015
11am-12pm (GMT)
Smarter Asset Management Part 2 - Advanced Capital Expenditure Planning Thursday 19th March 2015
11am-12pm (GMT)
Real-Time Operational Forecasting of Urban and Rural Catchments Wednesday 25th March 2015
11am-12pm (GMT)
Turning SCADA (and other Real-time Data) into Actionable Information Across Your Utility Wednesday 1st April 2015
11am-12pm (GMT)

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Date and Time

The Webinar Series will run from 11:00am - 12:00pm (GMT) starting Tuesday 24th February 2015.

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Upcoming Training

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Howbery Park, UK
Feb 16, 2016

Introduction to H2ONET / H2OMAP Water / InfoWater
Monrovia, CA, USA
Feb 16-17, 2016

Introduction to InfoWorks ICM SE (Sewer Edition)
Tweed Heads, Australia
Feb 17-18, 2016

Monrovia, CA, USA
Feb 18-19, 2016

Introduction to InfoWorks ICM
Melbourne, Australia
Feb 20-21, 2016

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