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Latest Press Release

Innovyze Proudly Releases InfoWorks ICM 9.5

Thursday, Nov 15, 2018

Innovyze is thrilled to announce the release of InfoWorks ICM 9.5, our advanced modelling solution that allows users to leverage workgroup and fully integrated 1D & 2D simulation capabilities to build complete catchment models you can trust.

Featured Case Study

San Antonio River Authority and HDR Inc. Model Impacts of Hurricane Harvey with InfoWorks ICM

Monday, Oct 8, 2018

In the face of intense storm events, simulations can help determine the scope of impact including extent of flooding, critical facilities at risk, and where key areas of concern are located. This, in turn, can help inform an understanding of preparedness for worst case scenarios. Read more to see how HDR Inc. and San Antonio River Authority used InfoWorks ICM to model the effects of a 500-year storm event in their city.

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