Innovyze Mathematician leads the way for the next generation of innovators!

Tweed Heads, Australia, May 24, 2018

Last week, our highly talented Mathematician took a step out of his usual role of improving the Innovyze water modelling software to spend time with a different crowd.

Jonathan Klaric who is part of the Innovyze team based in Brisbane is also a newly titled Young Science Ambassador for the Wonder of Science program. The program focuses on building passion and enthusiasm for science and technology in Queensland’s young people. Ambassadors, young researchers from leading Queensland universities, visit participating schools to engage students and their teachers in the excitement and wonder of science and technology. Jonathan is also the Resident Scientist for the Ask a Scientist page on the Wonder of Science website.

(Winner, winner! Jonathan took home his Award Certificate for Wonder Of Science on 16th May 2018)

Jonathan presented to a buzzing room of Year 10 students at Brisbane State High School discussing careers in mathematics and water modelling. He told the students that he’d first started studying medicine, but discovered a fondness for mathematics and physics and did the switch over. Jonathan, a man with a thirst for knowledge also quickly found himself researching galactic dust, epidemiology, and computer vision.

Part way through a PhD on how gases spread through complex pipe networks, Jonathan’s talents were gratefully acquired by Innovyze to write and maintain the code for our modelling software. He explains: “The code solves the physics equations that predict what water will do when a user runs simulation. It requires a deep understanding of the physics, mathematics and computer science to ensure that the answers we give to users are accurate, reliable and timely.”

Jonathan says that he “Loves the diversity of problems I get to solve in my role. It can range from the physics of fluid dynamics, statistical analyses of data and uncertainty, to machine learning algorithms to help automate many tasks users would have previously had to do by hand. The challenge is working out how to fit it together and design interfaces that anyone can use and don´t need a PhD to understand.”

To find out more about the software that Jonathan and his team develop to solve the challenges of managing water resources join the Innovyze community at


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