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Water Distribution Modeling

ArcGIS-based Solutions

Stand-Alone Geospatial Solutions

Workgroup Model Management Solutions

AutoCAD-based Solutions

Water Distribution
Get the only comprehensive integrated modeling, design, operation, maintenance, protection, optimization, and management solution that will boost your productivity and maximize cost-savings in the tasks you do everyday.

2D Main Break Modeling
Lets you predict the extent, duration, volume and impact of water spill from catastrophic main breaks for rapid, effective response management.




Transient Protection
Operate your system with greater flexibility and protect public health by ensuring maximum protection against hydraulic transients.

Unidirectional Flushing
Restore hydraulic capacity and water quality and prolong system life like never before.





Operations Management

ArcGIS-based Solutions

Stand-Alone Geospatial Solutions

Workgroup Model Management Solutions

Real-Time Monitoring & Operational Control
Optimize real-time water distribution hydraulic modeling, forecasting and SCADA integration.


Real-Time Operational Forecasting of Urban and Rural Catchments
Optimize real-time hydraulic modeling, forecasting and SCADA integration for collections systems.



Real-Time Stormwater, Wastewater and Watershed Modeling
Optimize real-time hydraulic and water quality modeling, forecasting and SCADA integration for urban drainage systems.


Real-Time Data and Event Management for Integrated Catchment Modeling
Lets users archive, analyze and aggregate real-time and historical data, including radar images and meteorological forecasts, for detailed analysis using InfoWorks ICM.



Real-Time Operations Optimization
Improve the efficiency of your water distribution system and ensure more reliable operations at maximum cost (energy and chemical) savings.


Real-Time Management & Viewing of SCADA Data
Provide seamless integration of real-time SCADA field data and water and wastewater network modeling.


Real-Time Pattern-Based Water Demand Forecasting
Accurately predit short-term (e.g., 24 or 48 hours) water demands based on historical demand data.


Temporal Water Demand Calculation from Smart Metering
Provide complete, detailed, real-time water demand patterns to power smart water networks and minimize unaccounted-for water.




Real-Time Network Integrity Monitoring

ArcGIS-based Solutions

Stand-Alone Geospatial Solutions

Workgroup Model Management Solutions

Real-Time Hydraulic Integrity Monitoring
Lets you monitor and assess the operational efficiency and hydraulic integrity of your water distribution network in real-time, and helps you identify network performance problems as they occur and narrow down their locations.


Real-Time Water Quality Integrity Monitoring
Lets you monitor and assess water quality dynamics in your water distribution networks in real time, helping you identify potential breaches, and build resiliency and agility to respond and protect public health.


Real-Time Business Intelligence & Performance Monitoring
Lets you monitor everything from uptime to analytics, access timely information to make better decisions, react faster to important events and identify opportunities to drive operational efficiencies as they happen.



Collection System Modeling

ArcGIS-based Solutions

Stand-Alone Geospatial Solutions

Workgroup Model Management Solutions

Integrated Catchment Modeling
Integrated river, sewer and overland flow modeling to accurately represent all flow paths and effectively simulate the water quality impact of polluting runoff and effluent from urban areas.



Urban Drainage and Stormwater Modeling
Take on the most complex and demanding sewer system with confidence and quickly determine the most cost-effective solution to flooding and pollution management.

Urban Stormwater Treatment and Analysis
Integrate comprehensive watershed modeling capabilities, best management practice (BMP) process simulation, and BMP cost representation within the context of a cost-benefit optimization framework.



Sanitary Sewer
Use state-of-the-art tools to cost-effectively plan, design, analyze, rehabilitate and expand your wastewater system in record time.


Experience the power of hydrodynamic storm drainage network modeling for greater design and rehabilitation planning.



Surface Flow Modeling
Lets you simulate, analyze and predict potential flood extents, depth and velocity, and accurately model the interaction of surface and underground systems in a fully integrated 1D/2D environment.


Dynamic Sewer Flow Estimation
Lets you estimate current and future sewer flows to help you evaluate system capacity and condition and overloaded mains with a high risk of collapse to plan cost-effective improvements and keep your system operating well into the future.




Rivers and Floods

River Modeling
Build detailed 1D and 2D accurate models of open channels, culverts, floodplains, embankments and hydraulic structures, and simulate rainfall-runoff, water quality, as well as sedimental erosion transport and deposition.



Flood Forecasting
Comprehensive real time flood forecasting, warning and management for river catchments and coastal areas.




Asset Performance Modeling

Risk-based Capital Planning
Comprehensive, purpose-built water and sewer condition and risk assessment software that works the way you want and lets you prioritize your capital improvement and rehabilitation projects at maximum savings.


Network Asset Modeling and Management
Store, validate, review, clean, edit and analyze all water, sewer, storm infrastructure asset data in a single database. Integrate with standard GIS and CMMS packages.


Analytics-Driven Asset Management
Gain critical insight to all your underground infrastructure assets, their conditions and work processes, for better planning and control and improved operational efficiency — and create your future digital utility.


Optimal Scheduling of Pipe Replacement
Effectively manage your aging critical pipes while maintaining the desired level of service at the lowest life cycle cost.




Project Management

Project Collaboration & Data Management
Powerful Web application lets you instantly access and view any modeling results right from your favorite browser and address important business issues like how to better manage, share, analyze and reuse simulation results.




Specialty Products

Hydraulic & Hydrology Toolbox
Get the complete, engineer-friendly hydraulic & hydrology calculations toolbox for the analysis and design of pumps, pipes, ditches, open channels, weirs, orifices, inlets and culverts using industry-standard methodologies.



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