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The leading software solution integrating asset and business planning with urban drainage network modeling

InfoWorks CS


InfoWorks CSInfoWorks CS provides water utilities with a uniquely effective tool with which to undertake hydrological modeling of the complete urban water cycle. Essential for identifying and justifying cost effective infrastructure improvements, InfoWorks CS also provides a practical method for operational control, including real time control, of your wastewater network. Other applications include urban flooding and pollution prediction and the modeling of water quality and sediment transport throughout the network.

As well as supporting fast and accurate network modeling, there are specific tools to support the modeling of subcatchment take-off and infiltration. Offering exceptionally fast and robust simulations, InfoWorks CS facilitates the swift modeling of total networks or any sub-network. Users may now simulate models of up to 100,000 nodes with confidence that the results will be as accurate as those for far smaller models.

Example Applications

• Undertake drainage and sewerage master planning or studies
• Assess the impact of climate change on urban drainage systems
• Effectively implement sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS)
• Undertake hydraulic analysis of wastewater treatment works
• Identify solutions to intermittent discharges from sewerage systems (UID's, CSO's or SSO's)
• Flooding and pollution prediction
• Modeling of sediment transport and water quality
• Secondary drainage and urban storm water system assessment and management
• Wastewater system assessment and management
• Infiltration and inflow assessments
• Urban drainage storm runoff control and retention design and assessment
• Urban storm water quality assessments and pollution control
• Combined / wastewater interceptor system design and analysis
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