High Volume Real-Time and Offline Data Collection




click to enlargeA powerful stand-alone Web-based application, SCADAWatch DCS (Data Collection System) enables analytics and performance optimization by allowing direct integration of high volume offline and real-time SCADA, sensor and meter data with SCADAWatch and network modeling. It lets SCADAWatch users automatically collect data on demand from many sources including both offline and real-time SCADA, meter and sensor data, then store it directly in SCADAWatch to support monitoring and control decisions.

Water and wastewater utilities use various types of SCADA or equivalent telemetry systems for real-time visualization, monitoring and control of their water distribution and sewer collection networks. Because there is no standard data format for data storage and communication, real-time field data and their applications are generally confined to offline analyses. SCADAWatch DCS gives users the mission-critical ability to integrate, collect and update their large-scale meter and sensor data into SCADAWatch, then organize the data into a structural database. It supports various data formats including JSON, CSV and XML from file or Web URL. The imported data is stored and sampled in SCADAWatch as updatable sensor data for real-time visualization, monitoring, analysis, and event detection. This powerful tool allows users to consolidate and automate both offline and real-time data collection and management, enhance communication and accuracy, optimize business performance, and improve business responsiveness. It also makes the jobs of SCADAWatch users more efficient and their data more accurate.

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