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Water distribution system integrity is best evaluated using a smart water network to warn of potential breaches in time to effectively respond and minimize public exposure and economic impacts on individuals and businesses. A smart water network is the critical component of a smart water grid. Its premise is the use of real-time information to optimize network operations and performance, conserve water, and address security challenges. By bringing together and analyzing data including water demand and quality, weather and climate, energy cost and usage, and operational requirements in the control room using advanced analytics, GIS, and real-time network modeling and optimization tools, Innovyze SWN system provides utility operators continuous real time insights into their water network performance. By combining a constant stream of data with predictive modeling capabilities, operators can quickly assess events as they occur, identify potential problem areas before they reach a critical level, and respond decisively to operational challenges and use water efficiently and effectively. Armed with these powers, operators become a major force for system improvements, regulatory compliance, and financial planning.

Innovyze SWN enables control room operators to continuously monitor the hydraulic and water quality integrity of their distribution systems, quickly locate operational bottlenecks, directly evaluate problem-solving approaches, control their networks during critical failures, optimize their emergency response and consequence management plans, and establish an accurate baseline for measuring and improving their system's operational efficiency. By leveraging existing investment in real-time data acquisition and telemetry, Innovyze SWN system moves a utility's routine network modeling applications from basic planning and design to in-depth monitoring, emergency and maintenance response, unaccounted-for (non-revenue) water reduction, pipe deterioration modeling, early contamination warning, pipe replacement/rehabilitation, pumping energy cost optimization and water management. Such capabilities greatly enhance the ability of water utilities to conceive and evaluate reliable and economical water network management and security alternatives, ensure more efficient water systems, extend their longevity and protect public health.

Each component of the Innovyze SWN system is described below.

IWLive — The IWLive system acts as the central core for all SWN components and can perform offline analyses and online network simulations that are continuously updated with real-time SCADA data. It equips the water utility control room with modeling tools that are both predictive and reactive. It issues regularly updated warnings to alert the control room to problems that may occur in the coming minutes, hours, or days, allowing operators to quickly determine their severity and the time of onset and develop reliable response strategies to minimize downstream effects. For example, given a predicted low storage tank level, IWLive will analyze the resulting impact on network hydraulics and determine all customers negatively affected by low pressures. Alternative operating scenarios can then be accurately analyzed and compared to determine the level of improvement and associated cost, with the most appropriate scenario selected and quickly acted upon. The software can also be used to assess the effects of main breaks, pump, valve and reservoir shutdowns, other scheduled maintenance or repair, and any other planned/unplanned incidents, allowing operators to respond in a timely manner with appropriate countermeasures. Water demand patterns can be updated based on mass balance (inflow-outflow) to reflect current conditions or the statistical analysis of historical time-series values. Learn more about IWLive.

BalanceNet — A real-time operations optimization software, BalanceNet extends the utility of SWN to help operators improve the efficiency of their networks and ensure more reliable operations at maximum cost (energy and chemical) savings. It automatically reads real-time field data, instantly updates the network model and determines the pump and treatment plant operation schedules that will yield the lowest operating cost while satisfying desired system performance requirements (e.g., tank trajectory curves, minimum and maximum flows and velocities, total pump flows). BalanceNet combines an optimized mass balance storage model with the network model solver to quickly produce a set of near-optimal solutions for improving system operations. The network solver automatically defines the mass balance storage model, accounting for changes in demand, controls and other factors in each time step of the simulation period. The mass balance storage model is then optimized using Genetic Algorithms. Both electricity tariffs and pump switching costs are explicitly considered. The optimized pumping schedule can then be directly fed to the SCADA system for implementing the resulting network control policies. Learn more about BalanceNet.

PressureWatch — A real-time network hydraulic integrity monitoring software, PressureWatch gives water utility owners and operators the unprecedented ability to visualize and assess their network hydraulic performance in real time, compare current network dynamics with anticipated performance, and identify abrupt changes that do not fall within normal operating ranges and the onset of anomalous hydraulic incidents they can evaluate and act on. This allows them to manage their water distribution networks in a more effective and highly proactive way. Learn more about PressureWatch.

QualWatch — A real-time water quality event detection and contamination warning system, QualWatch enables water utilities to continuously monitor and assess network water quality dynamics as they occur, helping them identify breaches in water quality integrity and narrow down their locations, and build the resiliency and agility to respond with maximum effectiveness and protect public health. It also empowers users to foresee and pre-empt future network water quality integrity breaches. Learn more about QualWatch.

InfoMaster/CapPlan — A comprehensive asset integrity management and capital planning software, InfoMaster/CapPlan extends the utility of SWN to include predictive analytics for estimating the remaining useful life of the network pipes, anticipate network deterioration, and inform pipe replacement. It can be effectively used to assess and score the risk profile (taking into account both the probability and consequence of failure) for each pipe in the network and identify the worst-performing ones. The greatest attention can then be given to pipes at highest risk (i.e., the worst performing). Through this ranking process, water utilities can create fully prioritized short- and long-term pipe rehabilitation, replacement, maintenance and management plans (phasing of network improvements) and develop cost-effective capital programs to support them. InfoMaster/CapPlan also helps extend the useful life of network pipes, improve predictive maintenance, reduce downtime, and preserve capital. The result is improved asset and capital planning and network capacity, reliability and performance and sustainable water service. Learn more about InfoMaster/CapPlan.

TSDBTSDB (Time Series Database) extends the utility of SWN to provide a real-time and historical data and event infrastructure for drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, river and combined systems management for mission-critical operation decisions. Learn more about ICM TSDB.

SCADAMasterSCADAMaster provides a simple solution for monitoring and controlling SCADA systems. It allows easy access to current system information that can then be utilized for real time monitoring, forecasting, optimization. With this enhanced information, control room operators can communicate back to the SCADA system to implement changes in an emergency or with newly optimized controls. Learn more about SCADAMaster.

SCADAWatch — A real-time business intelligence reporting and visual analysis software, SCADAWatch brings all key performance metrics together in the control room for proactive decision-making and business process optimization. It allows water utility operators to continuously monitor business operations and better leverage real-time SCADA data and network modeling for information flows that are faster, more relevant, analytically optimized and actionable. Learn more about SCADAWatch.

DemandWatch — A comprehensive pattern-based water demand forecasting application software for real-time, near-optimal control and management of water distribution networks. DemandWatch analyzes patterns from historical demand data and uses a powerful combination of Fourier transform and time-series autoregression modeling to accurately predict short-term water demands. These patterns are utilized to identify seasonal and weekly periodicities in daily water demands and daily periodicities in hourly water demands. DemandWatch generates water demand forecasts at hourly intervals or at finer user-defined resolutions. Its results can be readily used by IWLive to perform accurate simulations that reliably predict network operational performance over the next few hours or days. The results of these simulations can then be used for optimal operation and management of water distribution systems. DemandWatch can also configure and calibrate network models, aided by graphs and other pertinent reporting tools. Its adaptive learning process enables it to continuously generate predictions, taking observations from the recent past and predicting demand for the near future. Even if there is a loss of observed telemetry data, DemandWatch can still generate predictions from cyclical components of the model. Armed with this power, water utilities can better plan, operate and manage their distribution systems, improve conservation measures, minimize energy consumption, meet regulatory compliance, and enhance customer service. Learn more about DemandWatch.

DemandAnalyst — Loaded with advanced data management, correlation and analytics, DemandAnalyst fully automates the process of accurately calculating and allocating daily water demands and their associated diurnal patterns directly from smart meters for comprehensive real-time modeling and calibration of water distribution networks. Its primary strength lies in its ability to continually update nodal demand (water usage) values directly from smart metering to power decision making. Armed with a better understanding of their systems' spatial and temporal patterns of water use, water utility planners are better equipped to optimize system operations and capital planning, improve conservation measures, minimize leakage and energy consumption, meet regulatory compliance and deliver superior customer service. DemandAnalyst is built atop ArcGIS as a complementary module of InfoWater. Extremely easy to learn and use, it can be installed, up and running in just a few minutes on a utility's local computer. Learn more about DemandAnalyst.

Used together with SCADA systems and smart sensors, the Innovyze SWN system gives utilities significant management advantages, including greater operational efficiency and emergency preparedness, reduced water loss and system vulnerability, shortened response time, optimized spending on network renewals and energy consumption, increased network reliability and longevity and improved water quality and sustainability. It also facilitates compliance with more stringent future regulations, enhanced revenue and resource management and protection, implementation of a culture of service and operational excellence, more informed decision making, and stronger customer ties.

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