“Thanks a million for your help and prompt reply, I greatly appreciate it.”
Irish Water (Ireland)

“Thanks for your help today, very much appreciated.”
Isle of Anglesey County Council (UK)

Oh my gosh!!!  We’ve got snapping with the new software update!! Thank you! And please, please, please thank the developers for this!  It is great to have this new feature, and I really wish I could spend the whole day checking it out. It is going to make model updates so much easier. Thank you!  And next time, feel free to brag to us about that you’ve completed yet another one of our many requests! Thank you for being so attentive and responsive!”
Portland Water (OR)

“Thank you very much for your help….Very happy with the customer service!!!”
Central Highlands Water (Australia)

“Thanks a lot for your timely and valuable support since last one week. I really appreciate it.”
MWH (India)

“Thank you to everyone for your prompt technical assistance with the ICM Model. I have only started using this software in the last six months and am still learning… Your suggestions have in general been very insightful. Please pass this email on to all who provided insight. Thanks again.”
WCS Engineering (Australia)

“Fantastic. So happy we went with Innovyze. Great service.”

“Thanks, excellent response as usual”
Welsh Water (UK)

“Thanks very much for your help and quick response. That’s perfect – exactly what I was after!”
Melbourne Water (Australia)

“Thank you for your quick reply and your clear answers.”
Municipality of Eindhoven (Netherlands)

“Thanks for the perfect explanation and fast response!”
Antea Group (Belgium)

“Thanks for sorting this. Will make the job I’m trying to do much easier!”
Atkins (UK)

“Great work and thanks for your support. It is working fine now. I appreciate your fast response and solving the problem. Many thanks.”
Injazat Data System (UAE)

“Many thanks, brilliant support Innovyze!”

“Wow that’s good service. Thanks very much for the help.”
MWH/Stantec (UK)

“It's working! Thank you (and the development team) a lot!!”

“As always your customer service and fantastic products are what separate you from the competition. Thanks again.”
Rancho California Water District (CA)

“Many thanks for the detailed response.”

“I am really happy receiving your reply. I read many of your posts in Innovyze user forum… I am one of your fans!”
CH2M (Malaysia)

“Thanks for the help in establishing the connectivity with the PI telemetry dataset. This is an extremely useful facility for the Bathing Water project as it now enables us to harvest and review weekly bathing water results against live telemetry datasets.”
Stantec (UK)

“Thanks for your prompt response and the information provided. It was definitely worth checking with the expert.”
WSP – Parsons Brinckerhoff (UK)

“I really appreciate the advice you have given. Thanks”
RPS Water (UK)

“This is brilliant! Thank you for your help.”
Wessex Water (UK)

“As always you are very accurate and helpful. Your response confirms what I think and it will help me to explain the situation to the client.”
Capita (UK)

“Many thanks [ ] for the assistance you have provided to our business. The help and advice you have provided has been much-needed and much appreciated by all the users. Thanks again.”
Southern Water (UK)

“I just wanted to let you know that [ ] was of great help to me and RMC. He was not only savvy on the issue but also helped us with a great and friendly attitude. Thanks to them and your entire team!”
RMC Water (CA)

“Thank you!!! I wish other software providers were as pleasant and as helpful as you folks. You SPOIL me ….”
Parsons (NC)

“What a simple fix, thank you very much for your help, much appreciated!”
Arcadis (Australia)

“I just wanted to let [ ] know he did a GREAT JOB today! I appreciated his timely and efficient service! Feel free to forward on to your higher ups! Have a nice weekend.”
Quentin L. Hampton Assoc. (FL)

“Thank you very much again for your very informative Webex session (Webinar) yesterday. I really appreciate your time and efforts to help me solving all my 2D modeling issues.”
City of Newport News (VA)

"Thank you to everyone who helped resolve my issue. I am very thankful for both the expertise and great customer service that Innovyze has provided for me and my company."
Alan Plummer Associates, Inc. (TX)

“you are a superstar thank you for the excellent support!”
KedSolutions (CO)

“Just wanted to say thank you for the quick response on all of the queries we have had here over the last few months, I know there have been many. Knowing that we usually have a solution/workaround or investigation into any issues encountered on the day they are raised is extremely re-assuring, especially considering ICMLive is used for real time purposes and for decision making.”
Thames Water (UK)

“Many thanks for your help with this issue. I’m really impressed with the Innovyze support.”
Atkins Global (UK)

“That has fixed the problem. Thanks a million for your help.”
Jacobs (Ireland)

“I tried it and it works perfectly now. Thanks for letting me know. Really appreciate your help.”
Hazen and Sawyer (NC)

“The technical support you provided this afternoon helped save tens of thousand dollars of operational cost, if we were following the wrong results predicted by model. I appreciate your extra effort helping resolving the discrepancy of our water quality model. I copy this email to [ ] and [ ] to let them know you and [ ] did an excellent job today, the best technical support and thank you for your dedication to make our water company be great."
Golden State Water Company (CA)

“I copied you in to say thanks for the good work your guys had done. I was happy to wait for the update but getting it early is a bonus. Thanks once again.”
Tweed Shire Council (Australia)

“….an amazing resource for sewer modeling questions. He is informative, courteous, and patient, answering from the most basic questions to the most complex. Thank you for your consistent dedication to Innovyze customers. It is much appreciated!"
Woodard & Curran (GA)

“Thanks a million for your time and effort! Your detailed explanation in the InfoSWMM software inspired me that as a modeller, we are not alone to fight with a computer program in this modeling battle. You are awesome! Thank you very much for your help again. Cheers!”
Aquafor Beech Limited (Canada)

“I am writing to let you know our appreciation regarding the View online – Google Map / Street view feature in ICM. Really appreciated. Well done.”
Urban Water Solutions (Australia)

“Thank you for your prompt and efficient attention to our issue. It has certainly made things easier for us. Very best regards.”
City of Escondido (CA)

“You guys are great. That is amazingly fast. Kudos to your “user centric” focus on client support. Thanks again.”
CDMSmith (MA)

“Hi guys – this worked a treat!  Thank you so much – you guys are life savers & I have so much confidence going forward in your service. Wonderful service.”
WSP (Australia)

“Wonderful! Thank you so much for your help. Best technical support I have ever worked with.”
Clean Water Services (OR)

“Many thanks. This is an innovative approach.”
HR Wallingford (Malaysia)

“That’s worked. Thanks for sorting that out so quickly.”
Mott MacDonald (UK)

“Thank you so much for responding promptly and for your detailed explanation.”
Emori (Japan)

“You’re a saviour. Thank You, I recently took over modelling here and I have self-taught myself how to manage the data quiet effectively however I tend to get tripped up on little quirks within the software. As the only modeller here it is nice to have good product support. Kind Regards.”
Lismore City Council (Australia)

“Thanks!...I can always count on fast and top notch support from your team. Great Job!”
Arcadis (NY)

“Thank you all, excellent response time as usual.”
Welsh Water (UK)

“Wanted to thank you for the suggestions. Model is running much quicker! Thanks for the great support.”
Utilities Kingston (Canada)

"Thanks. You know I have been a big fan of InfoWorks products. It is not only because of your great products but also because of the great people like you who support the customers."
CDMSmith (Saudi Arabia)

“We have been a satisfied Innovyze customer for several years now, and use both InfoSWMM and InfoWater regularly for decision making purposes. I recently had a very pleasant experience with Innovyze Support that I wanted to share with you. To give you some background, the Insurance Services Office (ISO) is performing a city-wide survey, and has requested massive amounts of data pertaining to our water system. One data set requested by the ISO required that we provide available fire flow at 20 psi for every hydrant in our system – we have about 10,000 hydrants city-wide. When I first received the request, I was overwhelmed. I had never been able to successfully run the batch fire flow application on my own. As a last resort, I called Innovyze support and spoke with [name withheld], who demonstrated the batch run process (step by step) via webex meeting, and followed up by email after the call to summarize the procedure with screenshots. Within minutes, I was able to repeat the process and obtain available fire flow at 20 psi for all hydrants, city-wide – a process I thought would take weeks to complete! Please pass this email along to whoever needs to know, because in my opinion, he went above and beyond my expectations for quality customer service, and I am very grateful for his help. Thanks!”
City of Virginia Beach (VA)

"Thanks so much for the prompt response. I really appreciate it."
Atkins (NV)

“I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Thank you so much for all of the support you have been providing us, we truly appreciate all of the help.”
Reiss Engineering, Inc. (FL)

“I am always amazed at the depth of knowledge of SWMM that you have. It is a great service that you provide to the users by sharing it with all of us.”
Urban Watersheds Research Institute (CO)

“I sincerely appreciate the time [you] provided today.  It’s rare that I get this level of support and I wanted to forward my sincere thank you in troubleshooting our issue and getting our engineer working with the Innovyze software quickly, so he can meet his delivery deadline.”
Parsons (NC)

“You are the man! Thank you very much and your great client service is a big factor in why we do business with Innovyze. Regards.”
Reiss Engineering (FL)

“I must say, I’m impressed by the Innovyze support team. Very fast in responding to my questions and quick in providing the right solutions. Thank you.”
Utilities Kingston (Canada)

“Wow. I appreciate the excellent, detailed response! I ran it like you described and it worked perfectly. Thanks for taking the time to explain this. I really appreciate it.”
City of Mesa (AZ)

“Thank you for all your help. You really are a great help, resource, and always have been patient to help go above and beyond. I really appreciate it.”
Marion County Utilities (FL)

"I really appreciate you can take a look at my model. Sounds like you fixed every problems I had so far. I learned a lot from you today! Thanks so much!"
Farnsworth Group (CO)

“Yes, that did it. Thanks for your help…This is my first time running a model with InfoWater, (had been using [a competitor software], but always had trouble with the GIS interface and had to use it as standalone). I like the flow of the interface and the integration into ArcGIS. Thanks again.”
HDR Inc. (TX)

"Thx again for your help this morning. I appreciate you always responding in such a professional and courteous manner."
CDM Smith (FL)

“Thank you. I really appreciate your help and apologize for me not knowing the software very well…You’ve been a great help.”
Wilson Engineers LLC (AZ)

“Thank you for your quick responses and excellent customer service! Model runs like a champ! Just need to improve my skills.”
City of Yuma (AZ)

“Thank you very much!...I appreciate the prompt assistance you guys have provided.”
Gold Coast Water (Australia)

“Thanks for helping us. Your turnaround time was great.”
C3 Water Inc (Canada)

“As always, thank you very much for your prompt reply and the very helpful information.”
Black & Veatch (CO)

“First I want to tell you how much we appreciate how much attention you have given us for our issues as well as our ignorance with the software; you have really helped us meet a very difficult deadline. I cannot think of software that I have used that had such great technical support.”
Smith, Seckman, Reid Inc. (TN)

“Thank you!!! Grateful for your help and support.”
LAN Inc. (TX)

“That was very fast! …. What terrific service.”
Bristol Water (UK)

“My deep respect To the Innovyze colleagues. They are really great in terms of efficiency And modelling practice!!”
Hydroscan (Belgium)

“Thanks again to you all for the amazing customer support!”
Ross Valley Sanitary District (CA)

“I just wanted to tell you Happy Thanksgiving and that I hope you enjoy your time off with your family. Also, I truly appreciate all of your help! You have provided me with great insight to the software and continually help me out, no matter the problem. We have gotten are buildup and washoff functions working and I am rather impressed with the output. I am looking forward to presenting this to our client. Again, have a wonderful holiday.”
TREC, Inc. (MT)

“I am enjoying ICM so far. There is a lot to learn. You have been very helpful and so has been your team. Very good Support for the software.”
Jacobs (UK)

“Please let all those involved from all levels of getting the new patch out that it went flawless and is a resounding pleasure. I have tried to find a single error to no avail and the thanks is to all of you and the development team. I appreciate your focused determination on making Mobile work in a very quick manner. The field personnel are thinking that the sky is the limit and thank you for always listening to our recommendations. Our Innovyze support is amazing and please forward this email to those that should know how myself and my team feel about the support and constant communication that is second to none. Thank you for all the hard work.”
Ross Valley Sanitary District (CA)

“I’d just like to thank you and all concerned at Innovyze for pulling out all the stops to help with this one – it’s been very impressive!”
Onsite (UK)

“Many thanks for your prompt response and the information provided. This is very useful. Highly appreciated.”
WPS Group (UK)

“Success. Thanks for your help with this. You’ve made many a modeller here happy today.”
Environment Agency (UK)

“Thanks to Innovyze’s exceptional staff and team, we are in fantastic shape to break through a lot of barriers from our past here at WSD in KCMO.”
Kansas City Missouri Water Services Department (MO)

“That’s what I call customer service.”
City of Atlanta (GA)

“Thank you very much for the response! It is always great to see how quickly you guys solve users’ problems.”
Aquamod (BUL)

“I think your support is fantastic.”

“Innovyze are approachable and helpful and always try to answer/address queries.”
Borough of Poole (UK)

“In my experience with support I rarely encounter representatives that are as courteous, knowledgeable and patient as [Innovyze support staff]. Even though my mistakes were resulting in multiple calls to her, she never lost her patience and always supplied the necessary information to complete the activation of our licenses successfully. [Innovyze support staff] is the kind of support representative all software & hardware vendors should employ.”
Clay County Utility Authority (FL)

“Thanks as usual for your excellent service.”
HR Wallingford (UK)

“That’s fantastic. Thank you for all your help.”
Welsh Water (UK)

“I recently submitted an inquiry from your website for help determining if some software we use was compatible with our GIS system. I received a response from your support staff that was not only a prompt and complete answer to my question, but it contained other needed information about our recent renewal and some heads ups as we pursue the install. You don’t often see that kind of customer service in my experience. I thought I should pass that along.”
City of Meridian (ID)

“Thanks…It worked like a charm. No wonder, Innovyze is number one on my books.”
Fairfax County Government (VA)

“Thank you very much for such a prompt response. You are a STAR!”
Pick Everard (UK)

“Super.  BTW – the SQL functionality is great. It’s really helping my fingers.”
Atkins (UK)

“I work for a water agency in central California. As I am sure you are aware we are facing some difficult challenges here in the Dublin area to provide water to our customers this summer. It is my job to model the different ways we can operate the system to accommodate what will be a major reduction in supply.

On Tuesday I had just returned from a meeting regarding this issue to find that our model had corrupt files. As you can imagine this was pretty stressful. Within minutes of submitting my support request yesterday  I had a response from [Innovyze Support] helping me fix the issues. When I was not able to resolve them on my own she [Innovyze Support] had me send the model over to her. I came in this morning expecting to be at the step I was stuck. Needless to say I was very excited to find my model was completely rebuilt and ready to go!! I will be using it this morning with operations staff.

I want to make sure that you knew how great your staff is what wonderful support I received during a very critical time.”
Dublin San Ramon Services District (CA)

“I just wanted to let you know what an excellent job your staff have been doing for Sunrise Engineering. They have gone above and beyond to answer questions and ensure that we have all the technical support we need. They were particularly helpful while troubleshooting some issues with the City of Casa Grande’s sanitary sewer model. I haven’t seen any other software company this dedicated to their clients. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air.”
Sunrise Engineering, Inc. (AZ)

“Thanks for the information and the fast response. This is very helpful.”
San Francisco Department of Public Works (CA)

”That’s brilliant, thanks for your help.”
Grontmij (UK)

“Works perfectly… Excellent work”
Global Surveys (UK)

“Thanks a lot! This is very good news for a Monday morning!”
Tecnicas de Ingenieria y Software S.L. (Spain)

“Perfect, thanks for your help!”
Atkins Group (UK)

“Brilliant, thanks for your help”
Water Environment Limited (UK)

“Wanted to say THANK YOU for your help troubleshooting my modeling issue!  Your suggestions worked and its running great! Thanks again for providing the very best hydraulic modeling support I've ever encountered! You guys are truly top of the line, like your products!”
Bond Consulting Engineers (AR)

“…Perfect! Thanks for the time you made available to assist us.”
Antea Group (Belgium)

“Thanks you SO much for your help this morning. The report we are doing is going to the printer this afternoon and I was really in a bind to get good results quickly.  You helped immensely! Thanks!”
Whitman, Requardt & Associates, LLP (VA)

“Thanks again for all of your help and patience.  Your service has been exceptional and I really appreciate it.”
Sunrise Water Authority (OR)

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank-you for the quick response to my problem, it worked great!”
Stantec (Ottawa, Canada)

“Thank you again for your assistance today – I really appreciate it!”
Chippewa Falls (WI)

“I just wanted to let you know that things are running very smoothly and a lot quicker. Thanks to you for all your dedicated help and technical expertise!”
Sunrise Water Authority (OR)

“I’m not sure what you guys all did, but it works!! I think that you guys honestly went above and beyond to help us out…Thank you so much to both of you!”
Spencer Municipal Utilities (IA)

“Just want to say first thank you very much on your help today in reloading H2ONET and adding Surge.”
CIVILTEC Engineering, Inc. (CA)

“Thanks for the help earlier today! You do a great job assisting with technical issues, I really appreciate it.”
Murray, Smith & Associates, Inc. (OR)

“It is terrific how responsive Innovyze people are to customer input. Thank you.”

“I sure noticed how nice to do business with you. It is rare that you value your client's benefits before your company. Thanks.”
Water Resources & Coastal Engineering (OH)

“Thank you so much for looking into this! This is great info for this question and our future model setup. Thanks again.”
XCG Consultants, Ltd. (Canada)

“I just wanted to thank you for all the information and advice you have provided me with to build my model.”
EGIS EAU (France)

“Wow, that was fast, thank you!!”
Aquafin (Belgium)

“That looks like it works great. Thank you very much for the fix. We’re very appreciative.”
Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam (TX)

“Brilliant, that works! Thank you very much. That saves me hours of work.”

“Thanks again for all the help!  It’s really appreciated!”

“Appreciate the quick response as usual!”
Hazen and Sawyer (MA)

“That’s brilliant! Thanks very much.”

“I’m up and running now. Physically moving with the zip drive worked. Thanks for your help…this is a huge relief.”
Jacobs (GA)

“I just wanted to let you know that everything got migrated to the new license manager very smoothly. I want to thank you for your excellent customer support and service. I deal with over 50 IT vendors for support and service on a yearly basis and your level of support, service and communication is definitely in the top 3. Thank you from a very appreciative and satisfied customer.”
City of Cleveland – Public Utilities (OH)

“I just want to go on the record, by saying that YOU ARE THE BEST!  You have not only made Mike feel at ease installing the new software on my computer, but you have made my boss one happy camper. I have even spread the word to our neighboring water district on how you go beyond the customer service benchmarks. Thank you on your graciousness.”
Clackamas River Water (OR)

“What I will say is not good enough as customer testimonial and is not tended to. Innovyze employs smart and diligent professionals, and designs sophisticated products.”
Hazen and Sawyer (NY)

“Always appreciate the quick turnaround on questions!”

“That worked! Thank you both for looking into this.”
Gray & Osborne (WA)

“Thank you for this, my model now works fine.”
Clear Environmental Consultants (UK)

“Thanks for getting back to us so quickly on Friday.”
Optimise (UK)

“We are currently in the process of deploying ICM in our offices at HDR.INC and experimenting with the best set up for our environment. Your technical support has been extremely helpful during this process, she is very knowledgeable, customer service oriented, if she does not know the answer she will provide me with the required documentation, or find me the answer I need to continue my set up and testing environment.

During this process we have tried several different set ups that require advanced knowledge of your product. Most of the time I am on a short time table she always responds in a timely manner with the information I need.

I can go on and on but in short I am extremely grateful for her assistance and felt that you should know what a valuable and customer oriented employee you have.

Thank you for your time please let me know if you have any questions.”
HDR, Inc. (NC)

“The one trick you showed today saved me hours of frustration. Thank you very much.”

“It's great !! The problem is solved. Thank you very much.”
SIAAP (France)

“Thanks for your really fast answer. We will discuss these with the user, very valuable info!”
Tecnicas de Ingenieria y Software (Spain)

“She was a big help as always and gave excellent customer service.”
Citizens Energy Group (IN)

“As always, you have been a BIG help!”
Spokane County (WA)

“Your solution worked out fine, and you learned me two useful tricks. Thanks!”
Dienst Waterbeleid Provincie Antwerpen (Netherlands)

“Thank you! You have really been a big help! I also really appreciate the timely responses!”
City of San Angelo (TX)

“Thank you very much for your support. It helps me a lot.”
Shanghai Water Planning Design and Research Institute (China)

“Thank you very much for the quick and perfect support.”
Studiebureau-bvp (Belgium)

“Great, thank you! It runs perfectly now.”
Freese and Nichols, Inc, (TX)

“Excellent thanks for your help that resolved this issue.”
Widebay Water (UK)

“As always, you provided prompt, excellent technical support, for which I am sincerely grateful.”
Black & Veatch (CO)

“I really appreciate the quick response and great troubleshooting. I now have the model up and running and will keep this information in mind for the future.”
KlH Engineers (PA)

“Thanks a lot for your help. I’ll see how I get on with retrieving my other models and let you know when all is sorted. Much appreciated.”
Grontmij (UK)

“It has indeed been successful. Many thanks for your prompt response. My users are now able to play with the software and evaluate how they are going use it.”

“It’s working now.  Thanks for always so responsive =)”
City of San Jose (CA)

“Thank you!  It’s nice to have someone call you with a solution.”
MWH Global (UK)

“Thank you very much for your kind response and please conduct my gratitude to Dr. Andrew for his concern. Your advice are very useful for my research. Thanks for your great InfoWorks RS.”
The University of Tokyo (Japan)

“Thanks Tom, you saved us.”
Dar Al Handasah Group (Lebanon)

“I’m pleased to say that this did solve the problem. Thanks for your help.”
Mouchel (UK)

“Thanks for always helping us out with all of these InfoSWMM questions. I really appreciate at it. Our clients aren’t always willing to wait around so the quick help is a great help to us.”
CH2M Hill (IL)

“That worked!  Thanks for ALL YOUR HELP!!!”
Austin Water Utility (TX)

“Thank you everyone, very much!”
Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans (LA)

“As Project Engineer and Manager for the Munster Blackwater Flood Forecasting System (Ireland), which incorporates the use of FloodWorks as its front end operational tool. I have found the standard of support provided by [Innovyze] of the highest quality, especially in terms of speed of response, diagnosis and remedy of any issues associated with its operational use. This work has greatly aided the effective delivery of the system forecasts and has gave extra confidence in the systems operational use.”
Public Works, County Meath (Ireland)

“You went above and beyond the help I was anticipating. You and the great customer service are the primary reason we stick with Innovyze.”
Hunt Engineers, Architects & Surveyors, PC (NY)

“I don't care what anybody says about you guys you're the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got it opened it and it looks great.  Thanks.”
Wichita Falls (TX)

“Thanks for that, I really appreciate the time you put into this.”
RPS Group (UK)

“That was awesome and quick!  Thanks for saving my Monday. Thanks again.”
URS Corporation (CO)

“Thank you for the example database with alternating pumping pumps. It is Friday afternoon now and I have had plenty of time to study it. Thanks to this example and what I learned in the model verification course, I managed to import and use lots of survey data and improved the model.”
Waternet (Netherlands)

“Many thanks for your excellent support!”
Halcrow (UK)

“Sorry I missed your call - working at home due to the storm. Thank you very much for the prompt response on this. Your efforts and support and the great work of the Innovyze developers is sincerely appreciated.”
Black & Veatch (CO)

“Thank you SO MUCH for all your great help. I really appreciate it.”
Bartlett & West (KS)

“As always thanks for a very prompt response, this has resolved the issue. Regards.”
W S Atkins plc (UK)

“Thanks for your help. You cracked it. Cheers.”
Wessex Water (UK)

“I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you and The Innovyze Group for the outstanding services you have provided over the past several years. You and your team are not only ready and willing but ABLE to deliver a quality customer service and support, and I thank you for this. I will not hesitate to recommend your product to everyone I know who is interested in purchasing. Thank you again for your professionalism, and Happy New Year!”
NYC Environmental Protection (NY)             

“Thank you so much for your response to Ian over the Christmas break – that’s given us a much better understanding of what’s going on and how it works. I hope you didn’t get too many technical queries over the break and managed to have a good holiday! Happy New Year and thanks again.”
Clear Environmental Consultants Limited (UK)

“I now have four major reservoirs cascading into one another, each with multiple gates operating on multiple rules for each month over a time series of 20 years. Thanks for all your help.”
Scott Wilson (UK)

“Thank you very much for your help. Great support. In a short period time the issue was fixed.”
San Antonio Water System (TX)

“Thanks. It was prompt and very clear instructions. I appreciate your help.”
Queensland Urban Utilities (Australia)

“Thank you very much for your prompt and kind support. Yes, the nodes differ and you are correct. I will extract  the data now. Once again, thank you for your effort; this is much helpful for us.”
WSP Group (UK)

“Thank you very much for your assistance to keep SJWD productive and operational with H2ONET. We appreciate your efforts.”

“Just wanted to let you know how helpful your product sector leader has been with InfoSWMM. He's responded at nights, worked on the weekends with me, you name it, to help get some model issues helped figured out. He's gone out of his way to help and although I thanked him too, I wanted to be sure you knew about it.”
Atkins (CA)

“Thank you for the quick, clear and correct support!”
Antea Group (Belgium)

“That’s worked! Thanks very much for your help. Regards.”
Northumbrian Water (UK)

“Thank you SO much for getting us a quick response!”
Malcolm Pirnie | The Water Division of ARCADIS (NY)

“Thank you so much for your prompt response. As always, it has been a pleasure working with you on this project. The high levels of customer service that MWHSoft/Innovyze have consistently provided to us are the precise reasons why we continue to recommend your products to all of our public agency clients. Thanks again and have a great day!”
Infrastructure Engineering Corporation (CA)

“Thanx, for fast response. As I said I wish all support teams had your professionalism, and courtesy.”
Haley and Ward, Inc. (MA)

“Thank you, works just how we wanted.”
Pick Everard Ltd (UK)

“Good customer service is hard to come by these days and I wanted to express the Service Authority’s appreciation for good service. Thanks.”
Prince William County Service Authority (VA)

“Thanks! Really appreciate all the quick responses from CSM and the technical support team.”
CH2M Hill (GA)

““It seems everything worked and you guys were a big help. Thanks.”
Palm Beach County (FL)

“Thank you for the explanation, it is really clear!!! Thank you very much for your great patience”
Leuven University (Belgium)

“Many thanks for your kind support. Always much appreciated.”
WSP Management Services (UK)

“Problem solved. Thank you very much for your advice.”
Progress Technology Consultants Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

“I followed your procedure and it worked splendidly, thank you very much. I have to congratulate you for a great presentation prepared for us this morning, good job. Thank you for prompt response.”
Philadelphia Water Department (PA)

“Thanks for your excellent support. It’s not that easy to come by these days.”
Parsons (NC)

“Thank you! I have to say that for me this is one of the best experiences for asking help from tech support. Thank you very much for your quick replies and clear explanations!”
The Regional Municipality of York (Canada)

“Thank you for your assistance and the information provided below. I was able to get the model running again and get results with the VCM.”
IDModelling Inc (WA)

“Thanks for the quick response! That answers my question!”
Clay County Utility Authority (FL)

“Wonderful, thank you for the help and information.  I’ll look into the hot start files and fix them.  Cheers.”
Farnsworth Group, Inc. (CO)

“Thanks again for your continued excellent support.”
Albert A. Webb Associates (CA)

“Thank you very much for the response. It is always helpful to get the answers from the men themselves.”
Pick Everard (UK)

“Regards and many thanks for responding to your customers' requests.”
Tweed  Shire Council (Australia)

“Thanks. That's what I needed. Model is running well with 57,000 pipes. It has been fun playing with it!”
Western Virginia Water Authority (VA)

“Great! Thank you very much, you saved my day.”
Prolog Ingenierie (France)

“Thank you for the detailed instructions. Following your example, we were able to retrieve the information necessary to complete our task in a timely manner. Your assistance is much appreciated.”
San Antonio Water System (TX)

“Also thanks for making the updating and everything else so simple to use and follow. I’ve worked with other vendors and have been ready to pull my hair out. You guys make it simple and painless. Thanks Again!”
Banner Associates, Inc. (SD)

“That is great and very easy to follow. We are to have a meeting in the coming week and I will forward these procedures to the team. Again, thanks a million for all your help and on behalf of all the lads in Mallow we wish you and your good wife all the best for the coming weeks!!”
Cork County Council (Ireland)

“Thanks, this is great guidance!”
RMC Water and Environment (CA)

“Thanks a lot for your comprehensive reply. Best regards and thanks again for your help.”
Imperial College (UK)

“Thank you very much for your quick and useful replay.”
Beta Studio (Italy)

“[Innovyze] keeps on raising the bar for customer service and support. The response time was unbelievable.”
Fairfax County (VA)

“I really appreciate the timely response.  Aces as always.”
Akel Engineering Group, Inc. (CA)

“I found your assistance over the past 2 days to be invaluable and your response time to our problem was excellent.”
Maguire Group Inc. (CT)

“TY so much for all that you are doing! I don’t know how many times I could say this but you are truly needed in my book!”

“Thank you for the quick response! With the guidelines you’ve sent me, I’ve been able to install the licence manager properly. Everything is working fine now. Thanks!”
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium)

“As the customer service manager you provide an excellent service due to your; Broad knowledge about the software programs, Feeling for modeling, Extremely clear instructions, Prompt responses, Positive attitudes and Respect for your clients.”
Black and Veatch Corporation (FL)

“I am an engineer with the City of Sierra Vista in Arizona. I am using H20Map Sewer to model our collection system. I would like to let you know about the great job that your Product Manager is doing. She has helped me with several things that I could not figure out. She knows the software pretty well, but if she can’t answer right away, she always finds the answer and calls me back. She usually calls or emails within a few minutes.  EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE! She’s always pleasant and helpful.”
City of Sierra Vista (AZ)

“I just would like to tell you that I really appreciate the customer service you provide us. I am especially happy with service provided by your Product Manager who is very reliable and has always helped me with InfoWater. I cannot express in words how I value his advices and support. Thank you.”
 GWMWater (Australia)

“Your Product Manager was able to help me out last night. She was extremely helpful and very patient and she was way beyond her operating business hours. Reminds me why we do business with [Innovyze]. She is the perfect example of how dedicated the folks at [Innovyze] are at helping their customers. Thank you.”
Anaheim Public Utilities (CA)

“Your latest instructions work!! I really appreciate all you help!!  You’re awesome!”
East Bay Municipal Utility District (CA)

“I am very impressed and thankful for you timely and professional response. You & your team amaze me.”
Marlborough District Council (New Zealand)

"Thanks a lot for your professional and very detailed answer. I always expect from you the best user support and I get the best. Thanks again."
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (U.A.E.)

"Great, that tidied up a lot of my errors. Thank you."
County Dublin (Ireland)

"Thanks for turning the request around so quickly"
Mayer Brown Ltd, Kenilworth (UK )

"Thank you very much for your quick help and clear answer!"
Brabant Water s-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands)

"It’s perfect, it’s what I was looking for ! Thank you for your help"
Prolog Ingénierie, Paris (France)

"That’s great, it worked. Thanks for info."

"Thank you for getting back so quickly."
Pick Everard (UK)

"[Innovyze]’s customer service is top notch!"
Montezuma Water Co. (CO)

"Being able to move and resize the model has allowed me to use the NetView application somewhat successfully. In the course of an hour or so you have dramatically improved my understanding and use of the software. More importantly, you have helped us take a large step moving us much closer to the future implementation of OCDB Exchange when we have a more fully developed GIS database …. Thanks again for your help, it was very much appreciated."
Onondaga County Water Authority (NY)

"Fantastic! I understand how to work it now. Thank you very much!"
URS Corporation (LA)

"I really appreciate your excellent technical support....great customer service. Thanks."
XCG (Canada)

"Outstanding! Thank you for all of your hard work. Your support efforts are appreciated. Have a great holiday!"
North Texas Municipal Water District (TX)

"We deal with many software vendors. You are simply the best! Thank you."
O'Brien & Gere (NY)

"Thank you very much for your prompt and thorough feedback. It's refreshing to have such a level of vendor support. The migration went smoothly. Thanks again."
Alphawest Services Pty, Ltd. (Australia)

"You have displayed the phenomenal customer service. You have done yourself proud and in my opinion add a very valuable contribution to customers' experience."
Sunshine Coast Regional Council (Australia)

"Thanks for your help, your product manager was the greatest…She found my problem and fixed it in just a few minutes…Thanks again."
Brevard County Utility Services (FL)

"I'm an engineer with Tetra Tech RTW, and I was working with your tech support on an issue I was having with my H2ONET model today. I would like you to know that I received excellent feedback and fast turnaround….Thank you and your team for the excellent support for my issue."
Tetra Tech RTW (CO)

"It works. Thank you very much for your assistance and advice."
Tebodin Middle East, Ltd. (UAE)

"Thanks for the quick response… On the occasion that anyone has asked, I have nothing but flattering things to say about the Reps (you) and the tech support."
Tetra Tech (OH)

"Thank you Joe for all your help. Your customer support is truly exceptional. The customized instructions were extremely detailed and virtually idiot proof. This has got to be one of the best customer service experiences I have had in 30 years. Most organizations just p!&& me off and I end up figuring things out for myself. Great job! Thanks."
City of Frisco (TX)

"I can't thank you enough for your patience to my dilemma. Your support is unsurpassed. Thank you."
City of Rome Water (NY)

"I wanted to thank you for coming up to Boulder and helping us iron out our problems with our model. Without your in-depth knowledge, we could have been searching for a solution to our tank level calibration problem for a long time. In fact we were searching for a solution for some time before we contacted you. Your expertise saved us significant time and we appreciate it. Your assistance and product support since we purchased the software has been exemplary."
City of Boulder (CO)

"Your technical support is always prompt, knowledgeable, and responsible in getting back to answering my questions... Dealing with [Innovyze] has been the best so far in my professional experience of dealing with companies that provide water and wastewater modeling software. Please keep up your good work. Thank you."
CH2M Hill (CA)

"I just wanted to write this email to [Innovyze] Support to thank you for the BEST tech support I have ever dealt with. It isn’t often you receive as intelligible, prompt, and courteous service as you provided."
HydroScience Engineers, Inc. (CA)

"Thanks for such a fast turn around, you guys are great!"
West Yost & Associates (CA)

"I would like to thank you for all your help putting my model together. I can’t thank you enough. You have been such big help."
Clay County Utility Authority (FL)

"Now that's fast customer service! Thank you."
Butler County Dept. of Environmental Services (OH)

"I just wanted to thank you for adding this enhancement... This enhancement has literally saved me hours of work. Thanks."
Carollo Engineers (AZ)

"Thanks for getting back to us so quickly! This great customer service is why I continue to promote and use your software products."
PACE Engineers, Inc. (WA)

"Thank you very much for all your help. I'm sure I never would have found the resolution to the problem without your help. You were above and beyond the call of duty on this one and we do appreciate it."
CH2M Hill (MO)

"Thanks for turning this around so fast! You guys have been such a big help."
Hazen and Sawyer (MD)

"Thank you for the quick response time! We've loaded the UDF file, and it's exactly what we were looking for! The information from this tool will help us immensely to populate data. It works exactly as we wanted in populating the tables in the shapefiles."
City of Toronto (Canada)

"Thank you so much for helping me out. I really do appreciate the support you provide."
Olsson Associates (NE)

"Thanks again for the web presentation, it was very well-done. I think that the tools you demonstrated will help speed our watershed delineation process, even if we only get to do the pre-processing steps with the software on this particular project. The washoff EMC calculation tools will also be a big help."
RBF Consulting (CA)

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your support. I am an engineer working for the Spartanburg Water System. We had a major water main break yesterday and I needed to immediately determine what lines to close without lowering the pressure at the hospital downstream. Your CSM was at a conference, but within one hour he had called me back and emailed me the files he converted from our GIS. I downloaded the EPANET program and within a few hours had all our questions answered. I have placed purchasing the Infowater software as an agenda item in this month’s commission meeting. Your CSM’s responsiveness is impressive."
Spartanburg Water System (SC)

"I am continually amazed at the level of customer support provided by [Innovyze]... as always, you came through with flying colors! Thanks to everyone in your organization. Besides having an excellent product, your customer service is exemplary. Wishing you and your company all the success you deserve."
Mount Pleasant WaterWorks (SC)

"You are very prompt and provide easy instructions, as always. You provide the BEST tech support of any software company, thank you!"
MHM Engineers (CA)

"Wow, you guys really are good. Looking to put all the competition out of business?"
Greeley and Hansen (IL)

"Thanks for your help. I appreciate [Innovyze]’s excellent client care."
Indian Health Service (NM)

"Thank you so much. I really appreciate your patience and your promptness in sending us this message. We will continue working on implementing your suggestions. Thank you."
Orchard-Hiltz & McCliment (MI)

"Thank you for all of your help. We really appreciate your understanding."
Carter & Sloope, Inc. (GA)

"Thank you very much for all of your help. Thank you for walking through the process step-by-step. I also appreciate your follow-ups and speedy reply. Thanks."
City of Charlotte (NC)

"I’d also like to mention that I have always a positive experience with you helping me with general questions and technical support. I do not hesitate to contact you with questions because you really do know the software and are able to answer my modeling questions and resolve any software issues. It is refreshing to be able to contact you for technical support knowing that I’ll actually get a reply that answers my question or debugs my model. This quality client support is a major reason why we prefer H2OMAP and will continue to use it in the future. Thanks again."
ESM Consulting Engineers LLC (WA)

"Your suggestion worked very well and was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for your quick and accurate reply!"
City of Steamboat Springs (CO)

"I wanted to write and say thank-you for your help."
PACE Engineers, Inc. (WA)

"I just wanted to thank you both for the absolutely wonderful technical support you have provided while I was learning the software on a project with a very short time period to produce a deliverable. You were always available when I needed help. Your excellent technical support is even better than what you advertise."
MJM Engineering, PLLC (NY)

"Thank You for a quick response. I followed your easy instructions. It is always pleasure to communicate with You."
Veolia Water Indianapolis, LLC. (IN)

"I was wrong, indeed the problem was with the modelID that links the model to the geodatabase. There were about ten features that had null. Thanks for your help. Some day I hope to give you a challenge. A problem that is not so easily fixed."
City of Idaho Falls (ID)

"Thanks...You’ve got to love it when a company’s COO responds to your request the next day!"
Integra Engineering (CO)

"Thanks for the quick response!"

"Thanks a lot for the HELP."
Transco (UAE)

"What would we do without you? :) The tips you provided were great. I could not have completed this without your assistance, so thank you very much for your insight into making this work for us :) It's always good to get an extra pair of eyes onto these things, and when it comes to the crunch, I always know that you will point us in the right direction. Thanks for your help :)"
MWH Brisbane (Australia)

"That's awesome! Thanks."

"Thank you and I am Grateful to all of you."
Transco (UAE)

"Thanks for all your help and continued outstanding customer support. I will talk to you soon."
Louisville Water Company (KY)

"I want you to know I appreciate the level of detail you went into. Your explanations were easy to follow and understand. Thank you for your time and assistance."
Bohannan Huston, Inc. (NM)

"I'm thrilled to tell you that my model now runs with real data and is generating results that we've waited years to see!"
City of Saskatoon (Canada)

"[Innovyze] has the most awesome fast response to questions. I remind our $$ people of that fact every year when we sign up for support. Thank You."
MHM Engineers (CA)

"Wow, that was fast! Thanks."
East Bay Municipal Utility District (CA)

"Once again you have solved all of our problems. Thank you so very much. I sure love working with you."
City of Gresham (OR)

"Wow! I am very impressed! Great Work! You're the best."
PACE Engineers (WA)

"Once again the [Innovyze] tech support comes through with flying colors!! I followed your great instructions and everything works fine. Many thanks!."
Mount Pleasant Waterworks (SC)

"I'm extremely impressed with the support and service you provide. Thanks!"
Pierce County Sewer Utility (WA)

"I just wanted to say "Thanks" for your help getting our H2OMAP Sewer model up and running over the last couple days. Our big presentation of the model to our client went very well, and we couldn't have gotten there without your guidance and assistance. Thanks again."
Rothberg, Tamburini & Winsor, Inc. (CO)

"Your support was not only timely, but very responsive...and extremely helpful. Thanks for the great service."
City of Lacey (WA)

"Thanks very much for your help, you are always quick to respond and precise."
Robert Bein, William Frost & Associates (CA)

"That's amazing! Less than 1/2 hour turnaround! (Unfortunately I don't have broadband at home so I'll pick it up Monday)."

"Thank you so much for your excellent support service."
Metrowater (New Zealand)

"The information that you have provided is very useful and I would like to thank you for your assistance over the phone. I look forward to working with you whenever a need does arise. Thank you for your assistance."
City of Paramount (CA)

"You provided great support again.. And again. I didn't expect to get much help at 4:45 on Friday... But you took care of me."
CH2M Hill (OR)

"I received the converted model. It works quite well. Thank you for your help."
City of Houston (TX)

"Thank you! That worked great! I appreciate your timeliness in getting back to me!"
Truckee Meadows Water Authority (NV)

"Thank you all for the excellent support!"
City of Waco (TX)

"Thank you so much! I have to say that this was the most pleasant experience with a tech-support call that I have ever had! I wish Microsoft et al could be like this. Thank you again."
E2 Consulting Engineers, Inc. (CO)

"WOW!! Incredible customer service!!!... and you can quote me on that!"
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants (CA)

"Thank you so much for a super fast response and for providing such an excellent support!"
Carollo Engineers (CA)

"I want to extend a sincere thank you to you for your timeliness and help."
City of Lee's Summit (MO)

"I would just like to say that I am very impressed with your product, H20MAP. But more importantly, I am awe-struck with the willingness, or should I say eagerness that your technical support staff shows in answering my questions."
The Focus Corporation Ltd. (Canada)

"Thanks again for your superior and responsive customer service."
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants (CA)

"Thanks again for providing such an excellent support!"
Carollo Engineers (CA)

"Thanks for the quick feedback."
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants (CA)

"Thank you for your quick response and excellent customer service. It was a pleasure speaking with you."
City of Palo Alto (CA)

"[Innovyze] is certainly the best for customer service."
Gardner Engineering (UT)

"Excellent! All my previous problems are solved with your DLL file. I have no problem importing a pipe shapefile or use background map as a spatial reference. Thank you very much. I will let you know if something is wrong again in the future. Good job!"
MWH Americas, Inc. (IL)

"Thanks!!! [Innovyze] provides unparalleled service!!"
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants (CA)

"Thank you so much for your quick response. Being a new user, I was concerned that my conversion problem would take a while to be resolved. The update file to fix the export problem was sent so quickly that I lost no time working on my project. Thanks again for great customer service."
Hillsborough County Water Dept. (FL)

"Thanks for your help in troubleshooting the software issue with H2ONET. Thanks again for providing such an excellent support! I am so glad you are a part of the [Innovyze] team."
Carollo Engineers (CA)

"I just wanted to inform you that your technical support has been prompt, clear, and accurate. I am now getting standard and fire flow runs throughout the City which are providing accurate pressures and flows... I am confident that I can begin updating my model with new developments, as they occur within a rapidly growing community. "
City of Steamboat Springs (CO)

"I would like to thank you for your prompt and friendly service....H2ONET is an excellent package."
Rand Afrikaans University (South Africa)

"Thanks for your quick reply, much appreciated."
Redland Shire Council (Australia)

"Thank you for the great support - You have been very helpful."
Carter and Burgess, Inc. (AR)

"Just wanted to pass along a note of appreciation for all the hard work that you and your guys have put in and the technical assistance that you guys have provided. You guys are definitely providing the industry with the best possible hydraulic modeling program along with exceptional customer service."
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (CA)

"We have been using H2ONET for several years. We are very happy with both the program and the technical support. They are quick to answer questions and have incorporated our requests for additional features in the new versions. Prior to choosing H2ONET we reviewed many of the available packages."
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (CA)

"Thank you!!!! If [Innovyze] ever needs or wants a testimonial from me regarding your products or customer support you've got it."
City of Renton (WA)

"I just got this morning the new update patch that allows the ODBC Output capability I requested. WOW! Thanks once again for your prompt response to my request. I am impressed and grateful."
Earth Tech (Canada)

"Thanks again for all of your help. When people ask me what I think about H2ONET, I always rave about the wonderful customer service and technical assistance."
Alameda County Water District (CA)

"Thanks for your assistance. You all are such a great team."
Park Water Company (CA)

"Thanks for the QUICK response. I wish all software companies acknowledged problems and corrected them the way your team does. Keep up the great work. BTW: The new update patch works perfect. Thanks."
Daniel Boyle Engineering Corporation (CA)

"I am really speechless now. Your support is, no doubt, number one. You have the best technical support in the world. I don't think there is any software vendor like you at all."
Black and Veatch Corp (MO)

"I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with all the technical support I receive from your group. Not to mention the quality of communication between us. Without realizing we are forming a team in which you guys give me the tools and knowledge and my work gives [Innovyze] recognition for its software product. My clients are very pleased!. I also want to mention that I am positively surprised by the kindness and good attitude of your staff. They just recently helped me merge two important models, and their dedication and patience were impressive. This is great. Keep up the good work!"

"World class support. I give you 2 thumbs up."
Black and Veatch Corp (CO)

"I just wanted to thank you for your responsiveness. It is a pleasure working with you."
Camp Dresser and McKee, Inc. (MA)

"We recently won a model build/calibrate/investigate for Hobart Water. A key component of the win was the use of H2ONET and the reliability of support."
MWH Asia (Australia)

"Wow Thanks Your support is fast!"
Eastern Municipal Water District (CA)

"Your staff has always stepped up and helped when I needed help. They are great to work with, very friendly and knowledgeable."
Southern Nevada Water Authority (NV)

"I would like to thank you for providing EXEMPLARY technical support on H2ONET. Our client was very impressed and thinks the world of you."
MWH Americas, Inc. (CA)

"Today, I needed assistance with the H2ONET software package. Your technical staff walked me through the necessary steps to obtain a solution to my problem. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable. I really appreciated his prompt response and patience. I wanted to inform you about my experience with your employee. He represented your firm well by his exemplary customer service conscientiousness. I commend him for a job well done."
Memphis Light, Gas and Water Department (TN)

"Our gratefulness for your immediate response and assistance is beyond words and again thank you so much for that….and in our own simple way in expressing our heartfelt gratitude, we are inviting you to visit us here and be our guest to see and experience one of the most beautiful white (sand) beach in the world."
Kalibo Water District (Malaysia)

"You guys have proven to be more than worthy of your claims to be the best in customer service and attentiveness in the modeling industry."
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (CA)

"Thank you so much for the quick response time."
Sear Brown Group (CO)

"Please extend my thanks to your staff for all their support and willingness to help."

"Thank you very much for your assistance and it is ok with our project."
ACE International (Lebanon)

"Thank you again for the quick transfer of the files, it's very helpful to our clients."
C.T. Male Associates, P.C. (NY)
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