Strategic Partnerships that link the tools you use

Innovyze has a broad range of strategic partnerships with water industry suppliers, to support the way you work and leverage your existing investments.


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Our ArcGIS solutions are fully integrated within Esri. They run as extensions to Esri ArcGIS and ArcGIS Pro respectively. They open within the Esri environment, with all its familiar screens and controls, and work with the data you already have in your Esri Geodatabase. There’s no need to switch between applications as you work.

This means you can build or update your hydraulic models simply and easily, using your existing data such as pipe construction, age, location, and other information. It’s the same when you update master plans – the data is already there.

Innovyze is the only Esri Gold Partner for hydraulic modeling, and our more than 20-year relationship has been recognized with a Cornerstone award.

We work together closely to ensure you get the most out of new developments and features. For example, when Esri launched ArcGIS Pro, we released InfoWater Pro, a version of our water distribution modeling solution that exploits ArcGIS Pro’s capabilities. Discover more from our webinar.



Esri’s water customers benefit from Innovyze’s ArcGIS integrated software to manage information about their water systems. When they use Innovyze solutions in conjunction with ArcGIS, they have seamless access and utilization of GIS data along with Innovyze’s core strength of system analytics. This provides huge benefits in the areas of hydraulic and water quality modeling, SCADA integration and analyses, asset management prioritization, and much more.

Dr. David Wachal Esri Director, Water Practice

Innovyze solutions that can link directly to the Geodatabase inside the ArcGIS interface include:


InfoWorks ICM users now have the opportunity to easily integrate with Optimizer by Optimatics through ICM Exchange. The Optimizer program connects to an ICM database and imports networks and model runs for optimization, formulation and plan evaluation. The results provide engineers with more value from their models by taking a data-driven approach that is objective and defensible. Discover more >