4 Key Components to Better Water Management in Mining

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July 17, 2020

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Today, artificial intelligence (AI) enables homeowners to turn on the AC remotely to create an optimal environment upon arrival while allowing organizations to adapt the climate control according to the number of people in a room or building. 

However, the capabilities of AI go far beyond this; it enables users to accomplish milestones previously considered unreachable while reducing costs where it was simply not possible before, like water and wastewater treatment. One industry where this is increasingly evident is mining.  

Several benefits can be attained from the use of AI for water management in mining. The following are 4 key components of this intelligent and efficient water usage in mining. 

1. Increase Water Reuse by Optimizing Membrane Downtime and Recovery  

The reuse of wastewater in mining has become increasingly common in the past few years as a result of increased waste disposal costs and restrictions. This is given rise to new strategies for water reuse. One of them is the use of AI to optimize membrane downtime and recovery. AI does this by enabling membrane recovery optimization, membrane cleaning scheduling, and filtration optimization.  

The recovery of the membrane is optimized using feed water quality predictions; membrane downtime and chemical usage are minimized while service life is maximized by optimizing the CIP setpoints of the membrane. Lastly, AI reduces filter particle breakthrough while maximizing backwash cycles.  

2. Ensure Compliance by Optimizing Chemical Dosage in the Water/Wastewater Treatment Processes  

Another key component of water management in mining through AI is the optimized chemical dosage in the water/wastewater treatment process. For enhanced coagulation/flocculation, AI utilizes sophisticated multi-layer predictive chemical dosing control. This optimizes chemical dosage setpoints to reduce operational expenditure (OPEX) while ensuring compliance in the water/wastewater treatment processes.

3. Leverage AI to Reduce Energy in Water/Wastewater Treatment Processes to Lower Water Related Costs 

AI can help lower water related costs by minimizing the use of energy in water/wastewater treatment processes. How does AI do this? AI optimizes the use of energy in water/wastewater treatment processes using water production scheduling and demand-driven pump station control set points to minimize system-wide energy and peak power (kVA) consumption. 

4. Ensure Your Wastewater Treatment Processes Are Reusing As Much Water as Possible  

The fourth and final component of better water management in mining through AI is the increased reuse of water in wastewater treatment processes. AI allows operators to recirculate process water to minimize water intake, tailing storage, and effluent discharge volumes.  

At Innovyze, we make water management in mining a breeze through AI-enabled technologies that not only facilitate water conservation in mining but also enhance mining water management performance to ensure sustainable mining operations. Get in touch with us today to know more about how we can help you. 

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