5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Know If Your Mining Operation is AI-Ready

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July 22, 2020

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is probably one of the most commonly used buzzwords in the mining industry today and understandably so. The volume of data available to mining companies is growing at a great pace. Using this data, mining companies are able to optimize their operations and make intelligent decisions about critical functions in real-time.

However, since this data is so complicated and varied, companies need to have an AI strategy in place to handle it. But before you set off on your AI journey, ask yourself the following 5 questions to ensure that your mining operations are AI-ready.

1. Do You Have A SCADA Control And Historian System?

A remote monitoring and control system, Software for Supervisory and Data Acquisition (SCADA), can help regulate your automated mining operations. This is because the SCADA system can be easily integrated with nearly any mining equipment.

However, the most important reason why an SCADA control system is needed for being AI-ready is that SCADA automatically gathers and transmit data about the operations/activities of your mining site to a central hub instead of manually collecting and recording it. Additionally, it transfers data digitally in real-time and then organizes backlogs automatically for a convenient review of all collected data later.

2. Do You Have Power Metering Available On Your Water Treatment Assets (Pumps, Blowers, And Aerators)?

Power metering can help to better manage water resources and the utility infrastructure at mining sites. Traditionally, water metering has required physically visiting mining sites periodically to take readings of the water meter’s logger on pumps, blowers and aerators. However, this reading includes only the cumulative amount of water used since the previous reading and it needs to be entered manually in the central database for billing.

Considering the time and effort involved, this legacy operating model is a costly mechanism where you are able to obtain little understanding of the qualitative aspects of your water treatment assets such as pumps, blowers, and aerators. Power metering helps overcome this problem by providing a more interconnected method for metering, data storage, communication, and analytics.

Not only does power metering eliminate the need for manually taking readings, but it also ensures improved meter accuracy.  It helps to lower the cost of data collection while allowing you to improve use of water treatment assets through system controls, greater sensor integration, real-time analytics, and two-way communication. This helps achieve better water management in mining.

3. Are There Sensors In Your System (Inlet/Outlet, Control Setpoints)?

With embedded sensors in your mining assets and control setpoints, you can ensure more integrated and seamless mining operations which will make everyone’s job a whole lot easier. Additionally, this will allow you to perform predictive maintenance. Not only will you be able to detect wear and tear on mining equipment, but you will also be able to predict when maintenance or repair is needed, which will minimize delays in your mining operations.

4. Can You Share Your Data In Real-Time For Constantly Changing Conditions?

With the ability to access and share data about your mining operations in real-time, you can reach new efficiency and accuracy levels.  By sharing your data in real-time for constantly changing conditions, you can improve communication between everyone to allow them to adapt SOPs to changing conditions.

5. Do You Have Historical Data Available To Train An AI?

The fifth and final thing you need to make your mining operation AI-ready is historical data for training AI. This is because AI makes predictions based on what has occurred in the past. So, if you’re looking to minimize the use of energy at mining sites, then you must provide it with data related to energy use in mining that it can learn from and make predictions based on.


If you have the above requirements in place, then Innovyze can help improve your mining operations by allowing you to leverage millions of datapoints to ensure efficient and consistent operation of water systems. We make water management in mining a breeze through AI-enabled technologies that not only facilitate water conservation in mining but also enhance mining water management performance to ensure sustainable mining operations. Get in touch with us today to know more about how we can help you.


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