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September 14, 2021 | Allison Keir

From InfoWater-to-InfoWater Pro, we're taking water modeling to the next level with newly enhanced features and added functionalities to help you prepare for the future.

InfoWater Pro is a GIS-integrated water distribution modeling package now offering, easy-to-use pressure zone creation tools and schematics, a new control center to centralize pump, valve, and pipe rule-based controls and an improved interface to interact with and connect live data, such as SCADA and more, to your hydraulic model. Plus, using advanced GIS functionality with zooming, panning, and other features enables greater productivity and better user experience using the upgraded 64-bit ArcGIS Pro technology.

Step up your modeling game with these additional features and benefits:

Pressure Zone Schematic

The new schematic views provide summary overviews with your map that are readily understandable by people who aren't familiar with the model. Improved maps, zooming, panning, and 3D views for simulation results help you better understand system impacts. This allows you to quickly view the entire model in a map and schematic view, zoom to different pressure zones with a click of a button, review the zone with a summary overview and assess the hydraulic performance of the model, no matter the complexity. Plus, if a consultant you're working with hasn't converted to InfoWater Pro, you can accelerate your designs by allowing models to be shared between InfoWater Pro and InfoWater. You can also view pressure zones based on the minimum and maximum junction elevation and assess interzonal connectivity.




Model Element Control Center

The Control Center provides a unified tool to bring all the essential hydraulic properties and operating conditions into one centralized setting to give you a focused overview of the defined conditions in your network model. The tool is organized based on individual model element types, within which the modeling conditions are outlined for individual elements. It summarizes both the available initial hydraulic and operating conditions for all storage and controlled elements.

It also expands to cover all the available basic, relevant, and applicable rule-based controls. In addition, to the active attribute adapting controls (such as variable speed pumps and remote-control valves) for any selected element. The descriptions cover both the control actions and the controlling conditions, including the controlling model elements and data. This brings together all the pertinent controls applying to that particular element in one place to provide a clear and convenient information hub to help you to decide the way you would prefer to model and operate your system.




Live Data Adapter

Calibration is an essential part of sustaining trust in our hydraulic models. But the process of getting observed values linked with our models can be very time-consuming. For instance, exporting telemetry data to flat files, which needs to be associated with the specific model object, can make it very difficult to understand how the hydraulic model behaves over time.

We've enabled InfoWater Pro to be available to external databases so you can directly connect your models to the telemetry database and quickly retrieve observed data. Within the report manager, you can now load in telemetry for a specific day and compare simulated versions and observed pressures to assess model calibration quickly.

When you have set up the connection and defined your data feeds, you can locate the corresponding model objects and look at side-by-side modeling data with observed telemetry. Making sure your hydraulic model is accurately representing the model's behavior.



In addition to providing unsurpassed spatial analysis capabilities, they are fully integrated into Esri ArcGIS Pro. Now you can be more confident about your hydraulic models by connecting external telemetry data for continuous verification.

InfoWater Pro empowers water distribution managers to make intelligent, informed, and accurate decisions about their supply network.
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Allison Keir

Allison Keir

Digital Content Producer


Originally from the seacoast of New Hampshire, Allison has accumulated over 10 years of experience working in film production and digital marketing for companies based out of New York, Los Angeles, San Diego and Boston. She joined the Innovyze team in 2020 as our Digital Content Producer, focusing on blogs, videos, podcasts and various other product related articles. Inspired by her childhood love for outdoors, Allison has a personal and professional passion for environmental causes and sustainable solutions.

Nathan Gerdts

Nathan Gerdts

Systems Engineer


Nathan is a Systems Engineer for Innovyze in North America, helping advise utilities and consultants on how to best leverage the Innovyze product portfolio to streamline their needs for operational analytics, hydraulic modeling, and asset management. Nathan previously spent 4 years in the Innovyze support team helping cities deploy real-time hydraulic modeling solutions and asset performance models.