An Investment in Water Infrastructure: Autodesk & Innovyze Make the Most of This Watershed Moment

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February 17, 2022 | Meg Riley

Earlier this month, Amy Bunszel, the EVP of Architecture, Engineering, and Design for Autodesk published an article for Civil and Structural Engineer Media to share her thoughts on how to make the most of this watershed moment in water infrastructure. She was referring to the unheard-of trillion-dollar investment our country has recently made in our water.

Our legislature recently passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), which allows utilities across the country to utilize the $1.2 trillion funding from the bill to improve our water infrastructure, to better our public and environment health.

In order to leverage the funding wisely, utilities must prove that the money will be used to improve our water quality, save costs, and increase productivity from design and planning to construction, operations, and maintenance. With the right software tools, built specifically for the water industry and with water experts in mind, this can be easily achieved.

“Digital asset management enables real-time insights and predictive maintenance capabilities to ensure safe and reliable service for the public. Technology can help communities simulate the effects of too much or too little water and develop design alternatives to avoid those challenges.” – Bunszel, Autodesk Inc.

Technology exists, and is continuously changing, to leverage our water infrastructure investments. We’re proud to be a part of Autodesk’s mission to create a better world, starting with our most valuable resource: water.

To get more information on the BIL and how Autodesk is Making the Most of this Watershed Moment in Water Infrastructure, take a look at the article by Amy Bunszel for Civil and Structural Engineer Media.

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