A Note From Our CEO - Colby Manwaring: Why I Bought Emagin

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June 17, 2020 | Lauren Schibye

In December 2019, Innovyze took a bold step that will shape the global water industry for years to come. By bringing Emagin, an AI-focused Canadian start-up, into its portfolio, Innovyze has not only solidified its position as the leading provider of water analytics software, but opened up its offering to new, water-intensive industrial markets.

Last week, Innovyze CEO Colby Manwaring, sat down with Tom Freyberg from Aquatech to discuss why he acquired Emagin when he did, and how it has impacted Innovyze thus far.

In this interview Manwaring explains how the Emagin acquisition allows Innovyze to take its technology to the next level. 

“The Emagin acquisition was really to allow Innovyze to leapfrog from a technology point of view to a real-time, cloud-based platform that was already enabled with an AI engine.”

He continues to explain how the Emagin team has been fully integrated into the company’s Info360 team and is ready to go into new industrial markets with an AI offering.

“The AI solution was the missing part of the puzzle” Manwaring says. Now, the technology has become essential for Innovyze to pivot into new industrial markets.

The addition of AI technology to Innovyze’s suite of data analytics solutions is an exciting advancement in the management of water operations, promoting continual growth for Innovyze as a global leader. Emagin’s AI and ML software is designed to predict and optimize water operations for utilities, food and beverage, pulp and paper, chemical production plants, mining and other businesses around the world.

Manwaring makes it clear that this is just the beginning. The Emagin acquisition was “a catalyst or a real drive for us to fully aim ourselves at the industrial water sector and provide a more meaningful offering,” he says.

Innovyze continues to evaluate groundbreaking technologies to add to its growing portfolio “We still intend to expand by merger and acquisition where it makes sense for the foreseeable future. Indeed - we’ve got a shopping list,” Manwaring adds.

Ultimately, the acquisition aligns with the Innovyze mission to provide solutions for a critical global industry. “I love the water software space,” he says. “[This technology] frees up people, who are the real intelligence, to put their brainpower and their effort into areas that have been ignored,” Manwaring concludes.

We encourage you to check out the full article with Tom Freyberg at Aquatech, here.

To learn more about how Emagin can help you intelligently manage and optimize your processes in real-time, click here.

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