Automated Model Building Using Ruby Scripts

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July 3, 2020 | Perrine Parrod

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Building a hydraulic model can be a cumbersome error-prone process, even when modelers are leveraging their GIS data.

InfoWorks WS Pro already provided modelers with tools to map GIS attributes with modeling fields, so they could import GIS objects from a Shapefile for example. This process is not always straightforward due to GIS not needing to handle water system objects hydraulically. This means that most of the time, modelers have to find ways to ensure network connectivity, such as identifying unconnected nodes, links with zero lengths, and direction of pumps and valves, among many other issues that can come up during this process.

In addition, once the water distribution model is built, it will most likely need to be maintained from updated GIS data, which means the initial time-consuming model building process is a repetitive one.

With InfoWorks WS Pro, users can now automate their model building and maintenance workflows using Ruby scripts. In general, the two key steps to follow are to:

  • Define the necessary steps (that will need to be automated) to achieve the obtention of a hydraulically connected water distribution model.
  • Automate that workflow by:
    • Saving a configurable file of the attributes mapping
    • Writing Ruby scripts that will automate the processes of importing GIS data in the model and fixing any imported network issues.
    • Setting up user actions by associating the script with a button within the InfoWorks WS Pro interface.

The result is streamlined model building and maintenance workflows, so modelers can focus on using their model as a reliable decision-support tool to ultimately improve and optimize their water system.


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