Best Practices to Increase ROI on Your CCTV Surveys and What’s Coming up in Asset Management

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June 17, 2021

Water and Wastewater service providers across the US identify that their number one resilience issue is coping with their aging and decaying water and wastewater infrastructure. Within the backdrop of a growing investment gap, greater demand for their services and increasing regulatory compliance, a main concern is how to extend the lifetime of assets through risk-based prioritized operational and capital investment planning. Therefore, water and wastewater providers need to understand what they own, where their assets are located and the condition and performance of their assets. Condition inspections and surveys are the principal methods used to update an asset register with this information.

To achieve this, utilities have invested in multi-year CCTV pipeline condition assessment and monitoring programs, capturing on a daily basis both physical, condition, performance and locational data pertaining to their wastewater assets. But one of the main challenges facing wastewater service providers is the effective management of the data and media collected during these programs and associating the inspections to assets. If that data is lost or remains inaccessible in silos, it cannot be leveraged by the utility and will not be converted to valuable information that can be used to act on, thereby rendering the original investment ineffectual.

The effective storing and management of this data is a prerequisite to realizing the full value of the investment, as these inspections are used for a variety of purposes:

  • Determine remaining life.
  • Assess and monitor network performance.
  • Update existing asset physical, location and condition information held in the asset register, as well as create new assets that were previously uncharted.

With access to reliable asset and condition data, asset management practitioners can place greater confidence in its use for analytical purposes, gaining valuable insight into the condition, performance, remaining life and likelihood and consequence of asset failures. Combining continuously updated asset and condition inspection data enables effective risk-based preventative maintenance and risk-based capital investment planning.

With the launch of a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, Info360, late last year, Innovyze began delivering on its vision for a cloud-enabled future that empowers water and wastewater service providers and their contractors and consultants to monitor, address, and optimize their systems across the water lifecycle.

This cloud-enabled future started with the release of Info360 Insight early in 2021, for real-time operations and analytics. There is much more to come, including asset management. Stay tuned for a major announcement this summer.

You can register to hear first news of the Info360 Asset release and get more information about how it can help.

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