Common Error Messages for JET databases

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November 13, 2015 | Raana Lang

For our integrated catchment management solutions, see InfoWorks ICM; for sewer solutions see InfoWorks ICM SE; for water distribution solutions see InfoWorks WS Pro; for live modeling see ICMLive. 

InfoWorks CS, RS, WS and SD can be stored in JET databases. There are some error messages more common than others which can be triggered, and the solutions which normally resolve these problems are outlined below:

Error 3021:

Error 3021 is caused by the local copy of a network within the catchment group; this error can be stopped by removing the local copy of the network you are working on. To do this you need to right-click on the checked in network and select the option “Remove Local Copy”. Please make sure you have a backup copy of your local root before going through this process.

Error 3022:

Error 3022 is due to the fact that the original attempt to check in failed and it will no longer be possible to check this network in.

In InfoWorks administrator

  • In the InfoWorks administrator go to the explorer view.
  • Note the ID of the file causing problems, using right click properties.
  • Note the database identifier and the location of the local root using (Go to help – about InfoWorks)

In Windows Explorer

  • Find the file with the above ID in a folder named the same as the database identifier, which will be found under your local root (file will have a prefix- “GMT” -WS network or “CON” – WS control, “NET” -CS NETWORK)
  • Make a copy of this file and save it somewhere safe that you will not forget.

In InfoWorks

  • Check out a new network
  • Make a note of the new file ID of the checked out network.
  • Close IW.

In Windows Explorer

  • Rename the file you copied and placed in a safe place, to that of the new file ID
  • Paste the renamed file into your database identifier directory in your local root overwriting the file that currently exists.

In InfoWorks

  • Check in network.
  • If the same error occurs a better network connection will have to be achieved or the master databases will require copying onto the client machine.

Error 3126:

Error 3126 probably means that your local root path contains some characters that Jet doesn’t accept. The workaround is to change the local root directory.

Error 3043:

Error 3043 indicates a problem accessing the server data; this can be due to an interrupted connection or something similar to do with your IT environment.

Error 3049:

Error 3049 indicates that the master database is exceeding the 2Gb file size limit. Please follow these steps to reduce the size of your master database:

  1. Back up your master database
  2. In IW Admin, Go to Database > Compress Master database
  3. Select the master database that needs compressing.
  4. In the tick boxes in the compress database dialogue check the ‘reclaim space from disk’ option only.
  5. Click okay
  6. Do the same again but this time check only the ‘clean network data’ option only
  7. Finally, follow the same procedure again checking the ‘reclaim space from disk’ option only.

Error 3167:

The first thing to try for error 3167 is (maybe temporarily) redefining the location of your local root. Also you can try to create a new master database and swapping to that.

Error 3343:

The normal solution for error 3343 is to open and repair the databases in Microsoft Access. Please create a backup copy of your original iwm and then repair the original in Access.

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