Continuing to Advance Water and Wastewater Asset Management: InfoAsset 2020.1 Released

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December 13, 2019 | Tony Andrews

Today Innovyze is releasing InfoAsset 2020.1. We've added many new features, including better data integration between InfoAsset Manager and InfoAsset Planner. It's been possible to use them together for some years, but 2020.1 makes it simpler and quicker, so now you can easily switch between the two, to use InfoAsset Manager for day-to-day management and InfoAsset Planner for capital projects. You get uninterrupted infrastructure life cycle management to deliver OPEX and CAPEX value.

More Highlights of the New Release

  • InfoAsset Planner introduces Asset Project Prioritization. Assets are now clustered into projects based on user-defined parameters, making both capital and O&M project planning more efficient.
  • InfoAsset Manager delivers enhanced support for updating CCTV inspections directly from the field, with further integration with third-party CCTV inspection systems, more advanced management, and viewing of inspection videos. There's support for transcoding and variable bit rate video generation and streaming videos from the Cloud.
  • InfoAsset Mobile provides preconfigured work order report templates for rapid deployment. Delineation of the extent of flooding and pollution incidents are now supported in the map view. Further support for automated data collection includes barcode scanning, making workflows more efficient, productive and accurate. French version is available.

  • InfoAsset Online, enabling you to share information about your assets with anyone you choose via a simple web interface, is now even more flexible, with support for the Esri ArcGIS Web Map and direct streaming and authentication of videos from Cloud providers such as Azure.

Existing users of InfoAsset can consult Help within the applications for more information.

New Partner Program

Innovyze has also announced a brand-new partnering program, with innovative technology companies such as Electroscan. Electroscan brings multiple diagnostics into the InfoAsset Planner workflow to help customers better understand real-world infrastructure condition assessment.


Innovyze has introduced UserVoice to speak directly to Product Managers. We encourage users to visit this forum to share your ideas, feature suggestions, and feedback about our Asset Management Products and Solutions. Visit

If you'd like to know more about InfoAsset in general, do get in touch. Or take a look at our website. Read our case studies to learn how other organizations have benefited from InfoAsset Planner and InfoAsset Manager.

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Tony Andrews

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