Creating and Updating a Microsoft Server SQL or Oracle Workgroup Database

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August 7, 2018 | Innovyze staff

The purpose of this post is to provide users who plan to use or currently use Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle databases for InfoMaster and/or InfoWorks ICM with the resources they need to initially create and/or update their database to a new version.

It must first be mentioned that Innovyze does not recommend using Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle rather than the Standard Workgroup Database for InfoWorks ICM and/or InfoMaster. Utilizing SQL or Oracle is a matter of customer preference. The Standard Database is designed to provide the best performance with the minimal configuration for the supported Innovyze Workgroup products. If it is preferred to utilize a Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle Workgroup Database, there is a great deal of information provided in the Workgroup Data Server Administration document (contact our Support team if you want to know more).

In order to utilize SQL or Oracle databases, there will need to be a DBA (Database Administrator) in place who is experienced in managing these servers and applying scripts as these are operations that are not guided or performed by Innovyze Support.

Details for initially setting up communication between the Workgroup Data Server and a Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle Database are outlined in the Workgroup Data Server Administration document. Also required for the initial setup is a “create script” that the DBA will need to create the Database.

If the Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server database is already in use and the software is being updated to a newer version, then the DBA will need to apply one or more “update scripts.” Again, contact Support to find out more.

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