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December 13, 2019 | Charlotte Clifford

“Great Location. Interesting Presentations!”

Our 2019 Discovery Day LIVE! events took place on 4 and 5 December at London Museum of Water and Steam. With a focus on all things LIVE! we welcomed over 70 delegates from across Europe and the Middle East to share their experiences of Sewer and Storm, and Water Distribution Live Modelling. Speakers from AECOM, Affinity Water, Anglian Water, Jacobs, Thames, Scottish and Wessex Water, and HR Wallingford presented a wide range of informative and thought provoking case studies to an appreciative audience.

Running alongside the presentations, our colleagues from the U.S. ran a User Experience workshop to gather thoughts and opinions to fuel our continuing product developments.

“Superb venue and very unusual. Very proactive support – very much appreciated”

“Great learning opportunity. Enjoyed networking and finding out about how others use the software”

To those of us in the water industry, the venue is worth a visit on its own. There are a number of historic pumps on display as well as an informative exhibition area.   

The great thing about hosting our event here is that the proceeds from our booking are reinvested in education, empowering the next generation of water experts to discover more!

Our event helped fund the repair of the Waddon Engine in the main steam hall – the big wheel in the picture below – which we were privileged to see running for the first time in three years.


“It was good as I became aware of pieces of software that I hadn’t heard about”

Click on the images below to access the presentations given on each day.

Many thanks to our presenters:

  • Amanda Hon of Jacobs
  • Geoff Brown and Magdelena Kedzia of Thames Water
  • Jose Pereira of Anglian Water
  • Bob Fleming of Scottish Water
  • Debbie Hay-Smith of AECOM
  • Jenna Macgregor of Thames Water
  • Richard Body of HR Wallingford
  • Simon Croft of Anglian Water
  • Teddy Belrain of Affinity Water
  • Chris Muscat of Wessex Water

And to Claire Underhill, Katie Gillespie, Rajan Ray, Andrew Walker, David Fortune, Luca Serena, Matt Berry and Rebecca Willey from Innovyze.

The next major user event for the EMEAI region will be in Birmingham on March 4th and 5th 2020. You can reserve your place by clicking here.

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