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February 20, 2020 | Paul Grundy

If you need to work away from the office for any reason, it’ll be easier if you have floating or network licences for your water software. Our regional sales manager, Paul Grundy, knows all about this from sitting beside a swimming pool for hours. Find out what he gets up to below, and contact us or your Innovyze account manager if you have questions about remote working with Innovyze software.

My eldest child swims competitively, which for me means long nights and early mornings sat by the swimming pool. Wednesdays tend to start at 4.15am and Thursdays are always a late night as she doesn’t finish until 9pm.

Her dedication and joy are great to watch, and, despite the never-ending hours I spend watching her swim from one end to the other, it does give me the chance to catch up on some work. I always take my tablet with me so that I can send a few emails or catch up on industry news and legislation. This for me is some of the best time to work: I can focus on the day and prepare for, or respond to, questions I may have received.

Now I’m not encouraging anyone to have their children go into competitive swimming, but it did remind me of how far technology has come.

I’m a child of the 80s and there are certain things I remember clearly like Amstrad computers, Atari and dial-up internet.

The older I have got the more I have felt like I’m turning into my parents with the now very well established ‘you don’t know how lucky you are’ line that I repeat to my kids at least once a week. I remember the idea of completing work on a home computer would mean a box the size of most modern day TVs, cables galore and a very, very slow way of connecting to the internet to research the given topic. Even now the screeching noises of the internet dialling up before connecting lives on with me, then the age that it actually took to load up a page. I did not realise how patient I had been growing up, something that’s now lost on my kids. Everything is now.

Fast forward to today and we have the luxury of the internet in most places, and significant processing powers within our computers. Most people find they need to work in multiple locations (though possibly not beside a municipal swimming pool in the small hours of the morning), and use multiple devices – desktop PC, laptop, phone and computer. Access to their files and software from anywhere, on a range of devices, means they can work effectively and cost efficiently.

If you can't do this, is it because your organisation isn't using network licences? We have seen a significant move towards networking licences over the past few years, giving companies better control of their costs and maximising their investment in software – since a networked licence means the software isn't tied to one device and one user.

Like Pinocchio said, ‘There are no strings on me’. Why not consider looking at freeing up the resources of a licence when it is not being used, providing you with greater security (since there's no dongle to lose) and making it easier to understand your actual software usage.

Could this be a benefit to you? Why not contact us to look into it for you.

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Paul Grundy

Paul Grundy

Regional Sales Manager, EMEAI


Paul is an experienced sales manager who has experience both in the water industry (including two stints at Innovyze) and the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, where he focussed on integrated modelling through collaboration across its sectors. He has a particular interest in drainage design, both traditional and sustainable.