Enhanced Model Management and Reporting in the Latest InfoWorks WS Pro

Newly released InfoWorks WS Pro, versions 2021.7 and 2021.8

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August 10, 2021

The newly released InfoWorks WS Pro, versions 2021.7 and 2021.8, provide users with new capability that improves managing models and incident reporting. InfoWorks WS Pro has been an industry leader for flexible management of water supply models for decades. Key new functionality includes scenario management, sharing SQLs, supply interruption reporting, and improved version control and licensing.

Scenario Management

The new scenario management functionality enables modellers to simulate any what-if situations in their water model, without the need to create a new file or a new model every time users want to investigate the impact of various test cases, such as an element property change, pump and valve status modification, or a system expansion, on the rest of the model.

With scenario management, keep track of every test case, and compare different scenarios to easily understand their differences.

Import and Export of SQLs

InfoWorks WS Pro has included its own subset of SQL (Structured Query Language) for selecting and updating network objects using specified criteria, for a long time. This has allowed countless users to analyse, search, query, and update the data of hydraulic models of any complexity.

Users can now share these SQLs between models and teams, by importing and exporting SQLs.

Supply Interruption Reporting for Regulatory Compliance

InfoWorks WS Pro now reports on how many customers were affected by an incident such as a pipe break, and how long. Based on a representation of the water network at the time of the incident, it also returns a list of every single customer impacted, with start and end times of their supply interruption.

Streamlined Licensing

The new InfoWorks WS Pro’s licensing makes it easier to manage licenses and provides a unified licensing experience across all your Innovyze products should you have any other products than InfoWorks WS Pro. It also offers you the following advantages:

  • Ease of use – no hardware dongles, or annual license (.lic) files.
  • Ability to commute a license to your individual machine.
  • Ability to review product usage (who is using InfoWorks WS Pro).
  • Renew InfoCare more conveniently, as time-consuming steps required by the legacy licensing platform are no longer needed. 

To request the new Innovyze licensing administrator (ILA), contact us.

Please note that if you are using a dongle, you will be able to swap between using the dongle and the newly improved licensing system.

Improved Version Control

This improved functionality should only be of interest to existing InfoWorks WS Pro users:

InfoWorks WS Pro always enabled users to transition from Lock mode to Merge mode. However, the previous transition approach was inconvenient.

Modellers can now use a Paste and Convert to Merge Model option, where a copy of the model groups is created while the original models remain unchanged. This conversion option makes the transition from Lock to Merge models much faster.

Update Your Software

To update your InfoWorks WS Pro to the latest version, 2021.8, if you have an active InfoCare subscription, just log in to the InfoWorks WS Pro Download section of the Innovyze support portal.

If you are interested in purchasing InfoWorks WS Pro, fill in a product inquiry form or contact us.


Innovyze has introduced UserVoice to speak directly to Product Managers. We encourage users to visit this forum to share your ideas, feature suggestions, and feedback about our Water Distribution Products and Solutions. Visit https://feedback.innovyze.com/forums/924223-water-distribution.

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If you'd like to know more about InfoWorks WS Pro in general, do get in touch, or take a look at our InfoWorks WS Pro web pages.