How to fix an InfoWater, InfoSewer, or InfoSWMM model that will not initialize

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July 17, 2015 | Patrick Moore

One issue that we periodically see come across the help line at Innovyze support is an issue where the user is unable to initialize the model when they open their model in ArcGIS. When opening the model in either InfoWater, InfoSewer, or InfoSWMM they find that the model initialization arrow button is greyed out rather than the typical colored initialization arrow normally seen.  As a result the initialization button is not active and the user cannot initialize the model. This also can occur quite often after the first installation of the model software where the toolbars are not visible. This post explains the issue and how to simply resolve it.

Below is a short summary video describing the issue with an explanation of how to quickly resolve it:

As further explanation of the issue, when users are unable to initialize the model or first install the software, they may need to activate the Innovyze extension in ArcGIS that they are wanting to use.

When the Innovyze InfoWater, InfoSewer, or InfoSWMM tools are active, the specific tool’s control center toolbar will be visible and it will contain a colored arrow to the right of the tools dropdown menu.  It is this colored arrow that is used to initialize the software.  When users are having difficulty initializing, this colored arrow is greyed out.

This is what users are used to seeing (with the colored initialization arrows active for the InfoWater, InfoSewer, and InfoSWMM platforms)

Here is what the user sees when the initialization arrows are greyed out and are keeping the model from initializing.

Similarly, if you just installed the software and do not see the Control Center Toolbar for the extension you are trying to use, it is likely you have a similar issue.  The problem is associated with the particular ArcGIS extension for either InfoWater, InfoSewer, or InfoSWMM that is not currently active and this makes the Innovyze tools unavailable or that may make the Control Center toolbars hidden. To resolve, the user simply needs to activate the extension desired to use within ArcGIS.

To do this the user needs to select under the main ArcGIS menu Extensions window which is found in the ArcGIS menu under Customize -> Extensions  as shown below:

When the Extensions window pops up the user can see which extensions are active.  If the Innovyze extension tool you are wanting to use is unchecked, this is why the model will not initialize.  Note: If you find the extension you wish to use is checked, simply uncheck it and recheck it and this should also resolve the issue.

Once, checked as shown below you can close the Extensions window

At this point the Innovyze extension you wish to use should be active and the colored initialization arrow for your software as shown below will be active and you should be ready to initialize and get modeling!

If you find you need further assistance to resolve this issue please feel free to contact us at and we would be happy to assist you.

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