How to Minimize OPEX at Your Mining Site

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July 3, 2020

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The operating expenditure (OPEX) at mining sites across the globe has increased greatly over the years. Today, OPEX overruns at mining sites are more of a norm than an exception. The good news is that substantial cost savings can be achieved even in productive mines. However, an effective strategy and thorough knowledge of mining operations and practices are needed to make it happen. 

There’s no point in reducing expenditure in one operational area if you’re increasing your expenses in another. Cost reductions must flow throughout the organizational and operational process and employee behavior so that they are understood and maintained. 

While you cannot control the intricacies of the global economy that move economies and prices of commodities as a mineryou can most certainly control how you operate at mining sites to minimize your operational expenditures. If you’re not sure how to go about it, then consider the following for minimizing OPEX at your mining site. 

Reduce Energy Consumption on Large Energy Consuming Assets in Water like Pumps, Blowers, Or Aerators 

Efficiency is about optimizing production for every unit of time, quality and cost. One of the best ways to do this is controlling the assets at mining sites that consume the most energy. Large water assets such as pumps, aerators, and blowers at mining sites are known to consume a lot of energy. Therefore, appropriate water management in mining will help you reduce OPEX at your mining site. 

With pumps, aerators, and blowers operating for several hours during a day, water assets can easily end up being the biggest consumers of energy at your mining site. So, what can be done about this?  One great option is installing an AI system at the mining site that allows you to monitor the water assets remotely for energy consumption. Not only will the AI system allow you to monitor your water assets remotely, but it will also optimize their use to reduce energy consumption and ensure cost savings. 

Optimize Chemical Dosing In Wastewater Processes to Reduce Costs 

Chemical dosing is a key step in wastewater treatment for mining operations. Cost savings can be achieved in wastewater processes by reducing disposal costs, sludge production, and chemical waste. In other words, you can reduce your OPEX by optimizing chemical dosing in wastewater processes. Artificial intelligence can help to achieve this by optimizing your chemical dosage setpoints without straying outside of the compliance limits.  

Maintain Compliance to Reduce Non-Compliance Penalties 

The third and final way to minimize operational expenditure (OPEX) at your mining site is by maintaining compliance with the regulatory standards to reduce or avoid non-compliance penalties. Once again, AI can help you by ensuring that you stay within compliance limits and maintain operational constraints.  

Innovyze, we can help minimizing operational expenditure at your mining site by allowing you to leverage millions of datapoints to ensure efficient and consistent operation of water system. We can enhance the efficiency of your water and wastewater treatment processes through AI-enabled technologies that not only facilitate water conservation in mining but also enhance mining water management performance to ensure sustainable mining operations. Get in touch with us today to know more about how we can help you. 


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