How to Safely Clean Working and Results Files in ICM

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July 25, 2017 | Nicole Hathorn

As you work in InfoWorks ICM, you may notice that you are running out of space on your hard drive. This can happen when you work in ICM often and make loads of changes to your model without cleaning out the working folder, but is mostly due to unused and temporary results files. This blog post will cover how to clean up both working and results files.

To clean out local working files (this also applies to InfoAsset Manager):

  1. Open a master database in InfoWorks ICM
  2. Commit your changes to all networks and close them in the GeoPlan (it’s OK to leave some uncommitted changes, but the files associated with those networks will not be cleaned out).
  3. Go to Tools>Options>Local Folders.
  4. Make sure that the Working Folder is selected from the dropdown as shown below.
  5. Click on the ‘Clean unused files from the folder for this database’ button to clean out the Working Folder.

screenshot of dialog box

6.  Repeat steps 1-5 for each master database.

To clean out the local results folder:

  1. Delete any unwanted simulations from your master database in the data tree by right clicking on them and selecting ‘Delete’

screenshot of dialog box

2.  Go to Tools>Options>Local Folders and select Results Folder from the dropdown

3.  Click on ‘Clean unused files from the folder for this database’.

4.  Click ‘OK’.

5.  Repeat the above for each master database.

To clean out the temporary results folder:

  1. Open the ICM Agent Manager to view the ‘Working Folder’ location. Note that this is a different working folder than the one from Tools>Options>Local Folders. This is where temporary results are kept for the ICM Agent. Note that if you run remote simulations, then most of your temporary results may be on the machine that hosts the simulations and therefore this cleanup can be done on the machine hosting simulations.

2.  Open this location in Windows Explorer and note several folders (you may have more or less):

3.  All folders in this location may be deleted as they are only temporary results and are deleted automatically after a default 28 days regardless. You should now have much more space on your hard drive!

4.  If you would like to reduce the number of days by which the temporary results are stored here, then you can open the InfoWorks ICM Agent Manager and click ‘Stop’ to stop the service.

5.  Click on Agent Options and specify a smaller number of days for ‘Delete working files after…’ This will ensure that temporary results in the Agent working folder will be deleted more frequently so that you will not have to manually clean it as often.

6.  Click ‘OK’ and ‘Start’ the Agent Manager.

Your local folders and temporary results folders should now be cleaned up so that you have more space on your hard drive.  If you have any questions about the above, please email

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