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October 5, 2020 | Perrine Parrod

At Innovyze, customer-centricity is a core value. We listen to our valued clients and continuously invest in developing cutting-edge infrastructure solutions. For these reasons, we are glad to announce the latest enhancements to our asset prioritization and analytics solution – InfoAsset Planner.

InfoAsset Planner 2020.3 includes complete integration with Electro Scan’s pipe inspection technology for pressure pipe networks, enabling improved condition assessment for water distribution and sewer force main (also called rising main) networks.

Field workflows are also improved with this new release, through support of Esri’s latest Workforce offline project functionality. InfoAsset Planner 2020.3 has also freed up the project database to allow for seamless multi-user workflows and improve collaboration.

Let’s look at these key improvements in more detail.

1. Full integration with Electro Scan’s new multi-sensor leak detection technology for pressurized water and sewer systems

InfoAsset Planner 2020.3 can instantaneously – with a click of a button – incorporate Electro Scan survey results into its interface for visualization of the pipes condition, as well as risk-based planning and prioritization.

InfoAsset Planner can now make full use of Electro Scan’s CCTV water main videos, allowing water utilities to identify service tap locations that correspond to Electro Scan leak locations, and by tap footage locations to parcel coverages, tied to consumption billing records, readily identify non-revenue water accounts. Unmapped valves in open or closed positions can also be identified.

This integrated workflow offers a better way for utilities to:

  • Automatically locate pipe wall defects and their severity, using Electro Scan’s low-voltage conductivity technology.
  • Assess the condition of the network and prioritize rehabilitation of leaky pipes, using InfoAsset Planner.

Consequently, users of both InfoAsset Planner and Electro Scan’s pipe inspection technology can leverage the unbiased and unambiguous data to develop a sound understanding of pipe conditions for potable water and sewer force main networks, improving the quality of repair and replacement decisions.

An example of Electro Scan inspection information within InfoAsset Planner.

2. Improved field workflows

For InfoAsset Planner users that also leverage Esri field work tools, field workflows just got better. 

Since the last InfoAsset Planner release, users have had full access to integrate InfoAsset Planner with Esri’s Workforce and Survey123, to implement and complete work orders.

InfoAsset Planner 2020.3 supports the newly improved Workforce product which now enables field crews with the ability to access their work orders and inspections even while offline.

3. Expanding multi-user access

We are excited to announce that multiple users can now edit the same InfoAsset Planner file geodatabase. This enables increased productivity when team members access the project database simultaneously.

Examples of improved workflows include:

  • Simultaneously running COFs/LOFs which do not reference similar tables
  • Running analyses and managing and assigning work orders using Esri’s mobile tools
  • Running Electro Scan surveys while in the field and connecting the survey results to InfoAsset Planner, while simultaneously doing other InfoAsset Planner processes in the office

As long as multiple users work in separate part of the project database, InfoAsset Planner 2020.3 offers improved workflows for large teams who are making frequent changes. Please contact your local Innovyze representative to learn more, here.


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Perrine Parrod

Perrine Parrod

Global Product Marketing Manager


Perrine is a Global Product Marketing Manager at Innovyze.

Mike Maylone

Mike Maylone

Senior Product Manager

Before joining Innovyze, Mike worked in Customer Success at Aha! where he was able to help thousands of customers at the world's largest companies build valuable products and become better product managers.  Mike has also held product management roles at other companies in the geospatial industry, including Trimble and Intermap Technologies.  At Central Michigan University, Mike studied Geography, Earth Science, and GIS.