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Capabilities and Improvements in the 2021.1 Release

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November 19, 2020 | Perrine Parrod

The latest 2021.1 release of InfoAsset products offers both new and improved functionalities, including support for new and latest regional inspection standards, InfoAsset Mobile’s new CCTV and defect capture capability, improved capability for Android devices, enhanced InfoAsset Online mapping functionalities, and more:

Increased support for regional CCTV inspection standards

InfoAsset Manager and InfoAsset Mobile include further updates to the Manual of Sewer Condition Classification (MSCC) 5th edition, used by the UK water industry and other organizations to classify defects in sewers.

InfoAsset Manager now supports the German ISYBAU CCTV inspection standard.

New interface with CCTV equipment manufacturers

InfoAsset Mobile can now integrate with CCTV manufacturers iPEK and Mini-Cam, so that utilities and their contractors can capture CCTV defect observations, distance, video, and images directly in InfoAsset Mobile while in the field. The capture of CCTV observations with InfoAsset Mobile supports the latest MSCC, and PACP standards.

Silent background upload and download between field and office

Field workflows have been improved: crews are now able to continue working within InfoAsset Mobile, while it is uploading/downloading data to/from InfoAsset Manager. This results in increased productivity for field crews.

Improvements in InfoAsset Mobile for Android

Some of the capabilities previously made available for mobile devices using the Windows operating system are now available for InfoAsset Mobile when used on devices using the Android one. The capability extension includes field crew tracking and schedule reminders in the format of pop-up notifications.

Map improvements for InfoAsset Online

Data-driven themes created in InfoAsset Manager are now supported in InfoAsset Online to show advanced thematic maps of the network supporting different combinations of symbols, sizes, and colors. Also, the new map legend supports these advanced themes, displaying the number of items included in each theme’s category, what zoom level the items are activated in.

You can also select objects directly from the map legend theme categories. Clicking on a theme category displayed in the map legend selects those items and displays them on the map and in the selection grid.

Selection of Elements from the Legend

Enhanced symbology

Themes created in InfoAsset Manager that use non-InfoAsset Manager true-type font sets (e.g. Esri) can now be displayed in InfoAsset Online. This extends the symbology beyond the InfoAsset Manager true-type font set.

User input to select query in InfoAsset Online

In previous versions of InfoAsset Online, users could not adjust the input to a select query that was written in InfoAsset Manager. Now, users can input values into the select query which means multiple versions of the same query are not required. For example, selecting pipes according to their structural grade between 1-5 required 5 separate select queries in InfoAsset Online. These can now be replaced by one, with the user providing the input value of 1 to 5.

Simplified Query Selection in InfoAsset Online

New supported languages for InfoAsset Online

French and German are now supported in InfoAsset Online.

Update your software

To update your InfoAsset to the latest version, 2021.1, if you have an active InfoCare subscription, just log in to the Product Download section of the Innovyze support portal.

If you are interested in purchasing InfoAsset, fill in a product inquiry form, or contact us.


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Perrine Parrod

Perrine Parrod

Global Product Marketing Manager


Perrine is a Global Product Marketing Manager at Innovyze.

Tony Andrews

Tony Andrews

Global Product Manager for InfoAsset Asset Management product line and solutions


Tony has spent 30 years working in the water sector as a hydrologist, GIS specialist, hydraulic modeling, and asset management specialist, in research, consultancy and commercial software professional roles.