InfoDrainage: An Exciting New Chapter for Drainage Design

InfoDrainage launched by Innovyze

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May 1, 2020 | Jessica Jefferys

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Last month saw the launch of InfoDrainage, the next generation platform for drainage design.

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Benefiting from more than thirty years of R&D, innovation and user experience, InfoDrainage offers a best-in-breed drainage design platform for future technology needs. It empowers you to create more sustainable, resilient environments for communities, and deliver optimised designs faster.

It has visualisation at its heart as well as the most detailed analysis of SuDS / WSUD / BMP / LID. InfoDrainage offers:

  • Faster model setup: site areas can be loaded from CAD files to automatically create catchment areas from templates. It saves time in model setup compared to manually digitising outlines.
  • Improved hydraulic representation: complex sustainable drainage systems are hydraulically represented in detail, with water levels tracked per layer, demonstrating the effect of filter media and enabling the benefits of SuDS to be communicated clearly.
  • Reduction in rework: complex sustainable drainage systems and their connections can be seen graphically setup with accurate connection lengths and outlines. This results in less rework later, and a plan that makes it easier to communicate the SuDS design with all stakeholders. 

For MicroDrainage users

You can continue to choose which product is best suited to your needs. InfoDrainage will offer you lots of benefits to streamline the design process and can import and export MicroDrainage file formats. Join our webinar to find out when the right time will be for you to add InfoDrainage to your workflows.

For XPDrainage users

InfoDrainage has all the design, sizing, reviewing and reporting tools you’ll be used to, based on the user interface framework forged by XPDrainage.

In addition to the screens and controls that you're familiar with, you’ll also notice:

  • Better manhole design
  • Improved reporting and printing
  • Better rainfall comparisons
  • A built-in calculator to size HydroBrakes®

Get the details

For more information on the new and improved features, and how to upgrade to InfoDrainage, contact your Innovyze representative, or take a look at the InfoDrainage product page.

If you'd like to talk or see a demo, fill in a product inquiry form or contact us.

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