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October 5, 2020 | Perrine Parrod

Experiencing performance improvements and enhanced collaboration

InfoWater Pro is a GIS-integrated water distribution modeling package. The newly released InfoWater Pro 3.0 offers many new functionalities that improve user productivity building and managing their model, as well as capability that encourages collaboration.

Key new product improvements included:

1. Improved InfoWater Pro Performance

The latest 3.0 release of InfoWater Pro offers up to an 80% increase in performance, compared to previous versions.

InfoWater Pro has offered a wide variety of improvements, for users to leverage both ArcGIS Pro and InfoWater Pro new functionality, including better 3D visualization and 64-bit technology for better graphical performance and user experience. However, despite the overall performance of InfoWater Pro, in specific cases, InfoWater Pro users had reported delays in performing specific tasks such as appending objects to a domain or switching modeling scenarios.

To improve the performance of InfoWater Pro, the Innovyze product and development teams identified the best workaround for the inherited stability problems. Now, these model management processes have been widely streamlined for both small- and large-size hydraulic models.

For example, performance in InfoWater Pro 3.0, has now increased by about 60% for a 2000-pipe model, 70% for a 9000-pipe model, and 80% for a 55,000-pipe model.

As a user, you will not see any changes to your daily modeling tasks. All you will see and experience is a significant performance improvement in managing your hydraulic model.

2. Enhanced Collaboration

For multiple teams or users in the same organization to be able to work on the same project, InfoWater 3.0 now offers a new Project Repository Manager tool. This new functionality will enable multiple users to share a model across a network drive.

This new tool will help avoid generating multiple local copies of the same model and help streamline data sharing, increasing team productivity.

3. Better Model Building Processes

New InfoWater Pro 3.0 functionality has been developed to help users be more productive when building and managing their hydraulic models. These new features include:

  • Improved Info360 Connect: As an InfoWater user, you might have already experienced the included Info360 Connect functionality, which allows for back-and-forth communication with Info360 for model boundary conditions, patterns, and results comparison. In InfoWater Pro 3.0, the ability to import data streams from the CSV file has been added to Info360 Connect.
  • Elevation allocation: InfoWater 3.0 users can now leverage ArcGIS Online raster to extract and assign elevation data to model junctions, increasing productivity obtaining the data, and building the model.
  • Oracle live data adapter: Comparing modeled value to observed data from telemetry helps calibrate the model so you can trust model results. But the process of linking modeled and observed data can be very time-consuming. In InfoWater Pro 3.0, users can now quickly retrieve telemetry data from Oracle. Other database types already supported by InfoWater Pro, include SQL Server, ClearSCADA, and PI.

4. Transfer of Remaining InfoWater Functionality to InfoWater Pro

Most InfoWater capabilities had previously been moved to InfoWater Pro, but a couple of them still only reside in InfoWater. Now more features have been transferred to InfoWater Pro 3.0, including:

  • the ability to merge models,
  • the display of pipe, pump, and valve initial status settings,
  • and the ability to restrict thematic mapping (i.e. using size- and color-coding) on a user-specified selection set only.

Update your software

To update your InfoWater Pro to the latest version, if you have an active InfoCare subscription, just log in to the Product Download section of the Innovyze support portal.

If you are interested in purchasing InfoWater Pro 3.0, fill in a product inquiry form or contact us.

For information about InfoWater Pro, visit the product page or check the release notes.

Previous InfoWater Pro versions

To find out about the new functionality that previous InfoWater Pro provided, read the Introduction to InfoWater Pro blog.


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Perrine Parrod

Perrine Parrod

Global Product Marketing Manager


Perrine is a Global Product Marketing Manager at Innovyze.

Luca Serena

Luca Serena

Product Manager


Luca Serena is product manager for Innovyze's Water Distribution product family.