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December 4, 2020 | Perrine Parrod

The newly released InfoWorks WS Pro 2021.1 release offers key new functionalities, extending InfoWorks WS Pro’s already rich water modeling capability. InfoWorks WS Pro 2021.1 features new pipe break analysis and multi-solute water quality (MSQ) modeling functionalities.

Pipe break analysis

InfoWorks WS Pro 2021.1 enables the modeling of pipe bursts, and provides users with the flexibility to model pipe breaks, as pressure-dependent demand, constant flow added to upstream and downstream nodes, or to simulate a complete pipe rupture. Users can then assess the impact on the rest of the water distribution system, of a pipe break at a single node, multiple nodes, or all nodes so critical pipes can be found to help prioritize maintenance activities.

For more information about pipe break analysis, to watch videos, and to download an InfoWorks WS Pro database to perform pipe break analysis, read the How to Find Critical Pipe Bursts blog.

Multi-Solute Quality (MSQ) Modeling

The new MSQ analysis provides advanced water quality modeling, enabling users to simulate complex reactions between multiple chemical and biological species. Examples of simulations permitted by MSQ include the modeling of multi-source chlorine decay and looking at the effect of adding multiple species together.

For more details about MSQ, read the Multi-Solute Water Quality Modeling blog.

Update your software

To update your InfoWorks WSPro to the latest version, 2021.1, if you have an active InfoCare subscription, just log in to the InfoWorks WS Pro Download section of the Innovyze support portal.

If you are interested in purchasing InfoWorks WS Pro, fill in a product inquiry form or contact us.


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