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November 18, 2018 | Luca Serena

We’ve made InfoWorks WS Pro easier and more convenient to use in the new release, v3.5.  Here are six key improvements that we hope you’ll enjoy using.

1. New Property Sheet

The Property Page in InfoWorks WS Pro contains all the network and control information about a selected object in the GeoPlan. For this release, v3.5, we have implemented a brand-new style of property sheet with a tree view. This is to facilitate network navigation while editing/viewing the object properties. A preview of the new Property Page is shown on the image below.

WS Pro property page screenshot

A tree view lists all the properties for a selected object. The information is divided into different groups, organised by default like the old-style property page.

Need to re-organise the property page using a different layout? You can change it! The new property page layout is fully user-customisable, allowing the creation/deletion of new/existing groups and any rearrangement on the menu.

WS Pro property page customization screenshot

Click on the wrench icon to Edit the Layout of the Property Page. You can Add/Delete/Rename Groups and organise fields as you wish. Layouts are specific to Object Type, so changes applied for a specific Object Property (i.e. Hydrant, Pipe, etc.) will affect all the other assets of that type in the network (i.e. all Hydrants, all Pipes).

Property page groups in WS Pro - screenshot

The new Property Page is composed of four columns: InfoWorks field name, field value, validation message, data flag.

Field values are greyed out when you’re working with a checked-in network or control. When making changes to checked-out networks and controls, InfoWorks WS Pro will perform validation checks in real time as you start editing specific fields, providing instant validation messages for missing or incorrect values.

A toolbar at the top allows the user to quickly move backwards/forward to the previous/next item in the Object Properties window drop tree, or to choose from a list of most recent items navigated to, or even to view a list of associated objects.

You don’t like the new property page? No worries, you can still use the old-style property page by going to Tools > Options… > General tab, and un-ticking the “Use property editor for WS network objects” option.

2. Engine Validation Improvements

When running a simulation, InfoWorks WS Pro automatically checks a number of different parameters to make sure all the relevant information has been provided by the user; this is called Engine Validation.

Engine Validation can take a considerable amount of time depending on the model size and no. of warnings that are generated. In this new release the Engine Validation has been moved to the WS Agent, like is already the case for the Engine Run. What does this mean? Starting a run no longer locks the software UI while performing the Engine Validation, giving a much better user experience.

Engine validation in WS Pro - screenshot

As many practical uses of the software involve running many simulations after making tiny changes to run parameters, we have now enabled the end-user to turn the Engine Validation off, allowing them to save time on each run.

In the Run Dialog there is a new Validation… button. The user can open the Validation dialog to deactivate either the Run Validation or the Model Validation. New settings will only apply to the current run. Default settings will perform Full Validation for a run.

Validation button in WS Pro - screenshot

What is the difference between Run and Model validation? If you tick the Run option, the software will perform a Full Validation before starting the run. If you don’t want to perform the Full Validation, you can still tick the Model option to validate the Network and Control before starting the run. If you are confident with the changes you applied, you can un-tick both Run and Model options to discard the validation and go straight to the Engine Run.

Since it is important for the end-user to be able to distinguish between runs that have been performed with or without Engine Validation, the run icon for a simulation completed without Engine Validation will be slightly different than normal, in that it will be characterised with a yellow border.

3. Icon Status Colour

As mentioned above, the end-user should be able to quickly assess the status of a run from the Tree Explorer. We have developed colour-coded Run Status icons as follows:

Blue Icon Simulation is currently running
Green Icon Simulation is complete with engine validation and no snapshots failed to converge
Green Icon with Yellow border Simulation is complete without engine validation and no snapshots failed to converge
Yellow Icon Simulation is complete with instability (snapshots failed to converge) – may or may not be validated
Red Cross Icon Simulation failed
White Icon No results available for the simulation

Simulation Failures can be due to three main reasons: Validation Error, Engine Failure or IT issues.

Additionally, there is now a simulation Status and Sub-Status field to aid the end-user in determining the cause of run failure, whether it be caused by IT issues, an Engine Failure, or a Validation Error.

4. Rectangle box for selection

It is now possible to select multiple objects using a rectangle selection box as show below. This is done by click holding and dragging across the GeoPlan whilst using the default Select tool.

5. Drop Targets

Drop Targets have been implemented to show whether all the necessary information has been provided in contextual dialog boxes. If a required object is missing from a Drop Target, this will be outlined in red to flag the missing information.

6. Additional User Text/User Number Field

It is now possible to use up to 15 User Text fields and 15 User Number fields per object.

Headings for these fields can also be changed in the Grid windows by right-clicking on the column header and selecting the “Set Heading for this column…” option.

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