Innovyze Announces Support for WSA05-2019 v4.1

CCTV Pipeline Condition Inspection Standard

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September 9, 2021 | Tony Andrews

The recent release of InfoAsset Manager 2021.6 now offers support for the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) WSA05-2019 version 4.1 Conduit Inspection Reporting Code. This extends support to the existing legacy versions of WSA05-2013 v3.1, WSA05 2008 v2.2 and WSA05 2002. The Australian codes used to describe conduit condition bear some relationship to the codes used in EN 13508-2:2003 Conditions of drain and sewer systems outside buildings Part 2: Visual inspection coding system, which is also supported in InfoAsset Manager.

The first edition of the Conduit Inspection Reporting Code of Australia was published in 2002 as the Sewer Inspection Reporting Code of Australia. Since then, there have been major technological advances in conduit inspection technology and equipment as well as decision-making software. The defect scoring and condition grading guidance have been significantly upgraded in WSA04 2019 v4.1 to provide a more realistic guide to the service and structural condition of conduit for a range of conduit types and defects.

This release further demonstrates Innovyze’s commitment to support national and international pipeline and manhole condition standards found world-wide. These include North American NASSCO PACP, United Kingdom MSCC 4/5, European Union EN13508-2:2003 and 2004, NZWAA 3rd ed., Germany ISYBAU and Benelux RibX, BEFDSS and SUFRIB.

“As infrastructure ages and the discipline of asset management evolves in line with technology advancement, our condition assessment standards and the software that enables application of the standards must keep up. InfoAsset is now ready to meet the needs of practitioners that are adopting version 4.1 and still caters for conduit inspection surveys in older formats. This is fantastic news as conduit inspection surveys are the most labour-intensive, complex and expensive data sets for a council or water utility to capture. Utilisation of this ever-growing dataset in a variety of projects is critical to maintaining sewer and drainage service and ultimately public safety.”  Toby Bourke, Head of APAC Sales at Innovyze and member of the working group that undertook the version 4.1 revision of the Sewer Inspection Reporting Code of Australia.

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