Interview with Innovyze CEO: Water infrastructure 'a collaborative effort'

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November 10, 2021

Recently Innovyze CEO, Colby Manwaring, sat down for an interview with Kim Slowey, Publisher at The Construction Broadsheet to discuss the potential opportunities and barriers that may result from the newly passed $1.2 trillion bill from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. 

The bill will be providing around $65 billion towards water infrastructure needs, but unfortunately, this will not nearly be enough to cover all the maintenance and ongoing challenges within the water sector. Particularly with capacity challenges from growing populations and continuously increasing issues regarding flooding and stormwater management. 

Regardless, making every dollar count will remain critical to the water sector no matter how much funding comes out of any infrastructure bill, now or in the future. This is primarily why Innovyze has maintained its mission for providing innovative and sustainable software solutions to its customers. 

As Colby put’s it - "It's not to say that the technology will automatically solve everything, but the idea of being able to operate the treatment plant more efficiently, to operate a collection or a distribution network more efficiently -- that saves money. And, of course, that increases service delivery to a growing population."

Hear more from Colby himself on his position on these issues and learn more about how you can maximize operations and get the most out of your water network, in this recent interview - Interview with Innovyze CEO: Water Infrastructure ‘a collaborative effort’.

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