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May 24, 2017 | Shawn Huang

InfoWater SA not only provides almost all capabilities of InfoWater as a hydraulic modeling tool for drinking water systems, but also offers an outstanding interface for better user-experience.

InfoWater SA is a Stand Alone software package, which was not built upon on ESRI’s ArcMap as InfoWater. Its map functionalities are based on ESRI’s ArcEngine, but there is no additional cost for users.

InfoWater SA utilizes the Microsoft Office style ribbon, which separates functionalities into groups such as Edit, View, Data, Tools, and Application etc. The ribbon has differentiated icons and labels according to their importance and frequency of use. Users can hide the ribbon to open up space the network map.

InfoWater SA also supports the Quick Access toolbar, which is fully customizable and can be placed on top or below the ribbon. A user can add any icons and commands to the Quick Access toolbar according to his/her preferences.

InfoWater SA User Interface

For more information, see the InfoWater SA page or contact our friendly Innovyze staff in your region.

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