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InfoAsset Planner 2020.1 brings new functionality and flexibility to Innovyze’s leading GIS integrated asset management planning solution.

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February 24, 2020 | Tim Medearis

Highlights from the latest release of InfoAsset Planner

InfoAsset Planner 2020.1 is now available. Some highlights include:

  • Automating project creation from asset-level analysis data and cost information
  • A flexible way to view different types of surveys in the 3D Condition Assessment window
  • Integration with Electro Scan surveys for easy access and asset analysis

Let’s take a deeper look at these exciting new features and enhancements.

1. Automate Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Creation

InfoAsset Planner has always excelled at prioritizing individual assets. Pipes, manholes, laterals, and more may be compared to each other, analyzed, and given a recommended rehab action with associated cost. While users have found these capabilities immensely valuable, many utilities and consultants incorporate multiple assets and their associated work into prioritized project areas. CIP planning on a project level is much easier to summarize, communicate, and report on than individual assets; it’s also more efficient. For this purpose, we’ve added project prioritization capabilities to InfoAsset Planner 2020.1.

Figure 1: Project Prioritization Dashboard

screenshot showing the project prioritization dashboard

Project prioritization leverages your rehab decision tree analysis and bundles pipes into highlighted project areas. Users can configure the prioritization methodology to form projects based on connectivity, proximity, pipe characteristics such as material/diameter, and more. Each project prioritization result may be further edited and configured by the user. It means that the overall review process for placing individual pipes into project areas is dramatically shortened.

In addition, project prioritization results are exported to polygon feature classes within the InfoAsset Planner project database. These results can then be published to anyone else within an organization to view through tools such as ArcGIS Online.

Figure 2: Easily Visualize Projects in ArcGIS Online

screenshot showing project prioritization in ArcGIS Online

2. Configurable Third Party Inspections

InfoAsset Planner has been used successfully by many customers to join the often-disconnected areas of GIS and CCTV survey data. We've now done the same for additional survey types. We’ve added the ability to define, import, and more easily create third-party surveys for all types of wastewater pipe – sanitary, storm, pressurized, and force mains.

Figure 3: New Linear Referencing System Option

screenshot of LRS tool location

By selecting the “Linear Reference System” option, InfoAsset Planner introduces a new, flexible way to utilize the popular 3D Condition Assessment window. Different types of conditions along a survey can be completely user-defined, and surveys themselves may be joined to pipes via XY coordinates. This is in addition to the tabular joins utilized by standard InfoAsset Planner methods, and rehab methods may still be assigned to particular condition codes. In the example below, defect codes have been specified numerically and repairs have been added to certain defects on the pipe.

Figure 4: Configurable Inspections in 3D Viewer

screenshot of linear reference survey

3. Electro Scan API Integration

One of the many different pipe survey methods being implemented by our users is Electro Scan’s focused electrode leak location (FELL) technology. We have added Electro Scan to our growing partner network to allow direct API access for users to view their Electro Scan surveys from within InfoAsset Planner’s 3D Condition Assessment window.

Figure 5: Electro Scan Surveys Represented in Multiple Formats

screenshot of Electro Scan graph survey

This integration offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Side-by-side comparison and reconciliation of Electro Scan and CCTV surveys.
  • Consolidation of condition assessment and risk analysis data into one location to better determine rehab decisions moving forward.
  • Survey analyses from multiple sources that can be more easily reviewed, edited, and acted upon to make for more effective and efficient CIP planning.

Figure 6: CCTV Survey Overlaid with Electro Scan Survey

screenshot of Electro Scan survey with CCTV overlay

Thanks for your feedback

A special thanks to all our users who have provided us feedback. Keep the suggestions coming via our new UserVoice portal.

Update your software

To update your InfoAsset Planner to the latest version, 2020.1, if you have an active InfoCare subscription for InfoAsset Planner, just log in to the Product Download section of the Innovyze support portal.

If you are interested in purchasing InfoAsset Planner, please fill in a product inquiry form or contact us.

For information about InfoAsset Planner, visit our product page at

For more information on Electro Scan, see our press release, or visit their website at

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