New Info360 Asset Cloud-based Software - Available in Beta

Effective Asset Condition Management and Risk Planning

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July 23, 2021

Innovyze, an Autodesk company, just launched a public beta for Info360 Asset, built on Info360, the latest software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that was released at the beginning of the year.

Info360 Asset helps asset management practitioners review, store, and manage all inspection data effectively, assess condition conveniently, and determine risks accurately, all from a single cloud-based platform. It also provides non-technical stakeholders with an easy-to-understand web-environment they can access, so they understand maintenance and renewal decisions.

Watch a 3-minute Info360 Asset overview video.

Uploading and Reviewing Inspection Surveys to Ensure High Quality Media

Reviewing inspections that the field crew or your contractor field crew uploaded is a productive process, made possible by Info360 Asset's Inspection Portal. The utility's operation team in the office can visualize when new Inspections are uploaded and can easily approve or reject the uploaded inspections indicating the reason why.

Field crews are also able to view rejected inspections, so they can re-inspect the asset in a timely manner.

In addition to being productive, this process also ensures that the survey media that the utility receives, are high quality enough to assess and monitor asset condition.

Scoring Defects According to Inspection Standards

As a Condition Program Manager, you are empowered to review CCTV surveys and their observations. Info360 Asset calculates condition ratings and grades based on the industry standard.

While simultaneously visualizing auto-synchronized survey videos and their observation grid, you can easily add, edit, or delete any observations. When this process is done, simply publish the inspections to the asset registry, so that other utility stakeholders can access the data.

Risk Modeling and Developing Risk-Based Plans

Info360 Asset's logical step-by-step approach to risk, enables risk modelers to leverage inspection data to calculate likelihood and consequence of failures to assess the overall risk of an asset.

Develop various likelihood and consequence of failure models using information and spatial GIS data stored in Info360 Asset. Then, view the calculated risks by asset, or visualize the overall risk on a thematic map to understand the spatial distribution of risk, leading to better informed renewal decisions.

Sharing Asset Information and Results with Stakeholders

In the same Info360 Asset environment, any technical and non-technical stakeholders can query, review, and report on asset condition and performance. They can review assets on a thematic map, with an easy way to find an asset, view its associated inspections, and navigate quickly to the connected elements to that asset. This makes Info360 Asset accessible to anyone, as it democratizes asset management to all utility departments.


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Register here for Innovyze's next WaterTalk, on July 29, to learn more and hear system engineer, Timothy Medearis, and product managers, Mike Maylone and Tony Andrews discuss how Info360 Asset may help you and your organization.

More Information

If you would like to know more about Info360 Asset in general, contact us, or take a look at our Info360 Asset web pages.

To discuss your asset management requirements and how Info360 Asset might help you, you can request a 30-minute discussion with our asset management experts and see a software demo.