Our Next Generation Drainage Design Package Now Supports Foul (Sanitary) Sewer Design

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March 15, 2021 | Jessica Jefferys

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The latest version of InfoDrainage 2021.2 now supports the ability to design Foul / Sanitary Sewers. This new implementation has provided the ability to incorporate key elements of the Design and Construction Guide, such as the ability to Limit Pipe Full Conditions to 75%, as well as built in calculators to minimize the need for additional hand calculations.

Foul / Sanitary Sewer Design

Design Foul / Sanitary Sewers using a range of methods with the Network Design Wizard able to size pipes and manholes in accordance with regulatory requirements for speedy approval. Choose from:

  • User entered baseflows
  • EN752 Discharge Units method (including Total Discharge Units Calculator to avoid the need for additional spreadsheets)
  • Flow per person or per dwelling per day (Main Drainage Method)

Advanced Pipe Design

In both Foul and Storm phases the Network Design Wizard now allows optimal use of Maximum Slopes, Backdrops and Minimum Invert Levels to reduce the need for manual adjustments. With the same ability to review changes and optional commits putting the engineer in control of their design.

Find out more information on all new features available on the What’s New Help page.


This release requires an important Licensing Update which requires action – find more information in the support portal downloads section.

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