Preprocessing Error When Attempting to Run a Simulation in InfoWorks ICM

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June 3, 2016 | Nicole Hathorn

When attempting to run a simulation, you may receive a Preprocessing error that looks something like this:

FAILED – Pre-processing failed: Failed to open database: \\servername\seriesoffolders\database.icmm – Access to \\servername\seriesoffolders\database.icmm was denied

This problem is related to the fact that a standalone database (.icmm) is being kept on a server (or network drive) which we do not support.

To resolve this problem, there are four options:

  1. (Highly recommended) Convert this standalone database to a Workgroup database (explained in another blog post)
  2. Move the database to a local drive. Or create a new database on your local drive and copy all of the contents of the original database into that new database.  If you wish to keep the database on the network drive (unsupported by Innovyze), then try the following:
  3. Go to File>Open>Open/create master database and “re-browse” to your database and select it.  Once in a while, ICM decides that it doesn’t “like” the path to the master database and re-browsing to it could resolve the problem..
  4. If #3 does not fix this error, then for some unknown reason (likely a Windows update or security change in your system), your Agent Manager service does not have permissions to access your database. Once it is ensured that your windows account has access to the database location, you will need to apply those windows login credentials to the Agent Manager service. I have provided instructions for this below:
  5. Go to Control Panel>System and Security>Administrative tools>Services
    1. Right click on the InfoWorks ICM Agent service and click ‘Properties’.
    2. Stop the service and click on the Logon tab.
    3. Here, you need to apply your windows login credentials to the service:

Once applied, Start the service again and try your simulation.

As mentioned, we do not support standalone databases stored on network drives. InfoWorks ICM was designed for standalone databases to remain local and anything else should be a Workgroup database. Not converting to a Workgroup database will leave you susceptible to a number of problems, errors, and potentially database corruption that we will likely be unable to fix because we do not support this database structure. You are at an increased risk if you have multiple users accessing the same standalone database on a network drive.

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