Setting the location of results for “On server” and “Local” simulations in InfoWorks ICM

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July 25, 2012 | Innovyze staff

InfoWorks ICM’s powerful simulation options allow models to be run by individual workstations or as part of a larger workgroup. But regardless of what machine (or machines) are running the simulation, the results can be configured to end up in one of two places depending of which option is chosen in the run options when the simulation is scheduled (either “Local” or “On server”). This post describes how to configure the location of files for each of these two simulation options.

Setting the results location for “On server” simulations

Select File=>Master database settings => Set remote roots in the InfoWorks ICM menu

This option sets the results path for simulations that use the run option “On server”. It is a master database setting so it the same for all users. It should be a path to a file share that is available to all users of InfoWorks ICM specified as a UNC path (e.g. \\ComputerName\SharedFolder\).

Setting the results location for “Local” simulations

Select Tools => Options => Local Folders in the InfoWorks ICM menu

This option sets the results path for simulations that use the run option “Local”. It a per-user setting stored in the registry on the users machine. This folder is normally on the user’s local disk. The default is something like “C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Innovyze\Results Folder”. Do not set it to a shared directory, it should be per user.

Agent working folder and the transfer of files to the selected destination

When a simulation is run the results are always* written to an agent working folder on the machine actually running the simulation and then moved to the required destination when the simulation is complete.

This is done to make running large simulations significantly more reliable. The simulation engine does not write (or read) any file in the shared location during the run. Therefore any file server issues (e.g. reboots for security updates, extreme load) or temporary network problems do not cause the simulation to fail. So if users do runs which last for many days, the files are moved after run is complete in a robust way.

*Except when running a simulation on your machine and the results are required in your local folder in which case they are directly written there.

The default agent working folder for an agent is “C:\ProgramData\Innovyze\InfoWorksAgent”. It contains the files used during a run which are cleaned up periodically depending on what you specify in the Manage Simulation Agents=>Agent Options=>Housekeeping group box as shown below. The working agent folder should be on a local (for the agent) disk for best performance and reliability.

Results files get moved (well copied and then the source deleted after the specified housekeeping days) and so they will not reside in two places after the copy and the housekeeping is done.

The agent working folder on each machine running an agent must be big enough to hold the results of at least two simulations (or twice as many as the number of simulations that are run at the same time on that machine).

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