Small Icons in InfoWorks ICM/InfoNet/InfoWorks RS or InfoWorks WS

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March 9, 2016 | Innovyze staff

InfoNet is now InfoAsset Manager and InfoWorks WS is now InfoWorks WS Pro

Screen resolutions of monitors and laptop screens are getting increasingly higher with 4K screens becoming more and more popular. The 4K screens have an increased pixel density which can mean that some of the icons in InfoWorks ICM, InfoNet, InfoWorks RS or InfoWorks WS appear smaller than would be expected and than appeared on a screen with a lower resolution.

The solution is to add a shortcut to the software. In the shortcut target, append the following commands to open the software with larger toolbar icons, menus and tree items:

  • /bigtoolbars
  • /bigmenus
  • /bigtreeicons

The 3 command line additions can be used individually or combined to be applied simultaneously.

Figure 1: Larger icons command line setting for InfoWorks ICM

The full target for InfoWorks ICM 6.5, 32 Bit UI to set all icons to be larger would be as follows:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Innovyze Workgroup Client 6.5\InnovyzeWC.exe” /bigtoolbars /bigmenus /bigtreeicons

Make sure you include a space between the commands otherwise they won’t be picked up.

Open the software using the shortcut will mean the resulting software user interface would then have larger icons, menus and database tree options which would allow the software to be much more navigable with larger screen resolutions.

Figure 2: Large toolbar icons and database tree objects in InfoWorks ICM

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