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January 25, 2022 | Meg Riley

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Due to climate change, the volume of rainfall is increasing and with it our risk of flood. To avoid the damage of flooding and the anxiety of emergency response, it’s recommended to avoid reactive responses and take a proactive approach to preventing floodsCleaning up after flooding has a large emotional, health, and financial impact on the city. 

Flood Prevention Over Flood Response 

So, how can you plan ahead wisely? With the latest 1D/2D flood modeling, you can import survey data from your asset database to create a model with the highest detail necessary to simulate your community. Moreover, there are ways to prepare your community for potential flood threats: 

  • Create a model to plan the creation of flood barriers and levees around bodies of water, such as rivers.  
  • When a storm is forecast, proper measures can be taken to manage water levels in the city.  
  • Form a model with specifics characteristics of a city, such as underground tunnels and dams to monitor opportunities for flood risk and modify operational control. 
  • Import operational data into the system to easily understand various flood risk scenarios, create accurate mapping, and develop flood prevention strategies (or emergency response as needed). 

With the right software solution, every facet of a project can be created or imported into the program, with world-leading simulation solvers in one place.  

Prepare for Anything with Flood Modeling Simulations 

There's a purpose-built software solution that provides comprehensive resolutions to real world water problems, all in a single program! Protect the environment and your community’s residents, and prepare for anything, with fully-integrated 1D/2D simulations to model catchments quickly, accurately, and collaboratively. With these advanced simulations, it’s easier to see the environmental, economical, and safety concerns from flood damage ahead of time and plan for them. 

Taking on such a massive responsibility for the local environment, and its residents, can be overwhelming. Your team may be struggling with how to prioritize your time and resources. It’s important not to have all your time and focus allocated toward model building and data entry. With the right software solutions, you can allocate more time to the interpretation of results in order to make clear and decisive engineering decisions. This can be done using a workgroup database environment, which enables concurrent database and project access for unlimited users, as well as version control, validation options, and conflict resolution options. Thereby, improving team communication and productivity to better support your efforts. 

Eliminate Stress and Make Quicker, More Informed Decisions 

We all strive to be proactive, not reactive. Leveraging the right technology helps you achieve this. And, in turn, helps alleviate any stress your team has with challenging projects and budgetary limitations. The program empowers you to: 

  • Control and mitigate flood risks to the community 
  • Deliver quality projects on time 
  • Save costs related to delayed project deliverables, modeling errors, and incorrectly-sized infrastructure  

Model complex hydraulic and hydrologic network elements quickly, accurately, and collaboratively with InfoWorks ICM by Innovyze. InfoWorks ICM helps you plan for capacity improvements, system expansions, and emergency scenarios. Additionally, it allows any live data available to be used to make sense of observed sensor behavior and understand the wider implications, so you can work smarter, not harder. 


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