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September 25, 2019 | Matt Anderson

The name Innovyze derives from the idea of innovation. We believe that technology holds the key to helping solve a lot of problems faced by our clients. We must act boldly, and think differently, to deliver high-performance products that our customers need to create, manage, and maintain water services.

We realize that understanding customer needs is a critical component. Your voice is essential to the imagining and development of our software.  

We recently selected UserVoice, a customer feedback platform, to provide you direct access to our product teams. This platform offers you the ability to submit suggestions and ideas directly for how we can improve our products or services. We will be adding the new Feedback forums soon.

Each submitted idea will have a status assigned once the Product Management team at Innovyze completes a review of the suggestion.  

  • ACCEPTED: Product Management team has reviewed this idea. Supporters of this idea will receive an email notification when status changes occur.
  • MORE EXPLANATION NEEDED: More details from users are needed for this idea to understand the scope of the request.
  • DECLINED: The idea is rejected due to reasons including, but not limited to, product fit, scope, or implementation.
  • UNDER DISCUSSION: The idea is being discussed and researched for feasibility and viability.
  • ON ROADMAP: The idea has been moved to a product roadmap for future development.
  • IN DEVELOPMENT: The idea is actively being implemented in the product by the development team.
  • COMPLETED: The suggestion has been implemented based on the feedback received. Thank you for the idea!

For support requests or bugs, please open a case in the Innvoyze Support portal rather than sharing those issues on the feedback site.

The Product Team is always looking for ways to empower you in your work. We hope this is one step that you'll take with us.

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Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson

Products Manager


Matt is a Product Manager for Innovyze Storm/Sewer/Flood Modeling Solutions.  He spent over 16 years as a Private Engineering Consultant.  Over the past decade, he’s been involved in improving the workflows and technology that engineers use to study and design civil infrastructure and water resources.