The latest updates in InfoWorks ICM 2021.6

New release and product enhancements

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August 4, 2021 | Sophia Buchanan

InfoWorks ICM 2021.6 is the fifth installment of new and improved features being brought to the storm, sewer and flood industry this year!

Existing customers will find full details in the Help pages. If you're interested in joining the Innovyze Community and seeing how InfoWorks ICM can work for your organisation, contact us  for more information.

What's new in InfoWorks ICM 2021.6?

The team has worked hard to implement a number of updates including requested features, such as:

Up to 90% faster 2D validation and pre-processing

  • The time required to validate a network that contains thousands of mesh zones has been reduced significantly. Pre-processing times for 2D simulations with large numbers of elements can now be reduced by more than 90%.


Depth varying manning's roughness

  • The option to include roughness definitions implemented in 2021.4 has now been extended to SWMM networks. This allows users to better define ground conditions and calibrate models to different flow conditions.

New ICM 2021.6 Updates


New results selection object

  • A new results selection object has been added to allow users full flexibility with the result types being stored, reducing file sizes and reducing UI lagging when analyzing large simulations.

New results selection object


New Chicago Rainfall Generator

  • Design storms for North America can now be added easily through ICM's Chicago Rainfall Generator.

ICM's Chicago Rainfall Generator


Enhanced 2D Boundary types for SWMM models

  • SWMM networks now have the same boundary type options for 2D Zones as the InfoWorks Networks. Including: vertical wall, normal conditions, critical, subcritical and dry.

Enhanced 2D Boundary types for SWMM models


GPU Selection

  • The GPU selection default has been changed to if available
  • GPU simulations now available with SWMM network runs

GPU Selection

Ready to update your software?

To update your ICM to the latest version, 2021.6, if you have an active InfoCare subscription, log in to the Product Download section of the Innovyze support portal.

If you're interested in purchasing InfoWorks ICM, request more information by completing a product inquiry form.


Sophia Buchanan

Sophia Buchanan

Senior Storm & Flood Engineer


Sophia is an experienced water resources engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the public and private sectors.  She has worked on a variety of projects including city wide infrastructure planning, flood modelling and disaster management, design of urban drainage including water sensitive urban design and the management of runoff from open coal mines.

Alana Deghelli

Alana Deghelli

Global Product Marketing Manager


Alana is Product Marketing Manager for our Storm, Sewer, Flood and Drainage Design products. Over the past decade she has mainly focused on digital marketing all around the globe, working in a number of industries including finance and tourism, and now water infrastructure.