Tips for a Good Meshing Experience

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January 13, 2014 | Innovyze staff

Meshes are very powerful and flexible for modeling 2D overland flows in a complex urban environment. However, complex geometries can be frustrating for many modelers to deal with. This is intended as a best practices guide to speed up the creation and setup of a high quality detailed 2D model in InfoWorks ICM. We have a guide, Tips for a Good Meshing Experience, available from the Support portal (InfoCare login required). While this guide focuses on preliminary data cleanup in ArcGIS, where InfoWorks ICM has similar or identical tools these are noted.

This guide includes the following sections:

  1. Where is it Flooding?
  2. Check / Simplify Geometries of Additional Files
  3. Be Innovative
  4. Consider the Accuracy of the Elevation Model
  5. Build Tools for Future Use
  6. Typically Exclude Zone Boundaries when Meshing
  7. Utilize Mesh Zones
  8. Use Diagnostic Polygons
  9. Breakline / Porous Wall Considerations
  10. After Meshing, Look for Small Elements
  11. General Conclusions from Previous Analysis

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