Tips for Using Your Innovyze Software from Home

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March 23, 2020

Offices around the world are quickly being directed to send their employees home to work and, for many, this might be a first. During this time the team at Innovyze want to make sure that we can provide solid support for these sudden changes. Our Client Services team have assembled the following information to enable you to be ready and able to continue your daily activities. 

How to use your license

  • If you have a network dongle, you need to have access to your company VPN to maintain access to your license 
  • If your licenses live on a Floating License Manager, you can either connect whilst on the VPN, or use the license check-out function that allows you to hold a license on your machine for up to 14 days 

How to use your database

For Workgroup products, if you are using a Workgroup Data Server (WDS) database and have a good connection speed through your VPN, keep going. If it’s too slow, copy the data you need into a standalone database and use that on your local machine 

How to use and access local folders (Workgroup products) 

  • Local working and results folders can be moved to an external drive connected to your local machine, reducing storage strain on your local drives. Please make sure you commit any network changes before moving your local working folder location 
  • Regularly clear out unused files from your working folder using the clear option in Tools > Options > Local Folders > Clean unused files.... 

Other useful tips 

  • Try storing GIS locally on your first attempt - if your computer is really struggling remove GIS layers as background layers on your models 
  • Attempt to run simulations locally where possible as this will reduce strain on your VPN/Network connection
  • Avoid creation of TIN ground models as these can be very resource intensive and result in large file sizes 
  • In InfoWorks ICM, avoid performing big meshing jobs unless you know your RAM can handle it 
  • If you have a fixed seat license, this includes local dongles contact your local account manager for options to move or upgrade to a floating license (Also note remote desktop protocol does not work with this license)

Finally, we’re here for you. Our support team are ready to answer any questions that you may have about using your Innovyze software efficiently at home. You can still access the Support Portal here to register a ticket otherwise please contact us  

Email us at – 


Americas – +1 626.568.6869 

Europe, Middle East, Africa & India – +44 (0) 1491 821460 

Asia-Pacific – +61 (0) 7 5506 5700 

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