Trouble Opening InfoWorks ICM User Interface?

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January 25, 2018 | Innovyze staff

Have you ever had an issue with opening the InfoWorks ICM software? Either the software becomes unresponsive or worse still the software fails to open. When you shut down ICM, ICM keeps a record of the previously opened geoplan windows. When you re-open the software, the geoplan windows are re-opened for you. This behaviour can be changed under Tools->Options->General and selecting the ‘None’ option under ‘Windows at Startup’.

Figure 1: Tools->Options->General options to change behaviour of software when opening previously opened windows

However, if you have not selected this option and the software is failing to open, it is possibly due to the re-opening of the geoplan windows. In this situation, the user can hold down the ‘shift’ key on their keyboard whilst InfoWorks ICM is opening and the software will open without opening the previously opened geoplan windows regardless of the options set.  The user can then access the software and open network geoplans as required.

This tools is also present for other InfoWorks software (InfoWorks ICM SE, InfoWorks WS Pro).

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