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September 18, 2019 | Charlotte Clifford

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All round the world, women and children collectively walk for more than 200 million hours each day to collect water. As water and sanitation is a cause close to our hearts at Innovyze, we joined forces to walk 5 miles every day for a week and be a part of the Water Walk for Unicef.

Nine of us committed to walking a total of 215 miles during the second week of September. Together we managed to succeed fitting it into our busy days, raising a lofty £490.43; our contribution towards Unicef’s goal of ensuring that by 2030, no child has to walk more than a 30-minute round trip for water.

Here are a few photos and anecdotes from a few of us who put our right foot forward (and then our left foot, right foot again… you get the picture.)

Alana, our marketing manager in Australia:

 “For someone who walks most days, walking those additional miles became a very meaningful challenge quickly. Last week I imagined if those enjoyable walks with pretty views were turned into necessity or daily missions minus the views and the comfort of shoes or sunscreen to provide myself and others with a vital resource – water. Something that so simply comes from a tap for most and usually only a few short steps away. Just wow, it’s hard to think this happens every day.  My family and friends were incredibly generous in their donations and encouragement and I am so grateful to have support from them and our global Innovyze team too! I look forward to Unicef's updates throughout the year and the positive change our efforts help create.”

Pete, a regional sales manager in the UK:

“Walking 5 miles a day was really enjoyable and provided time to reflect over the ~2hrs on how fortunate we are to have a plentiful supply of clean, fresh water compared to so many who need to walk that distance just to obtain a daily supply of water. I really hope the funds raised will help those in most need to help enhance their lives.”

Charlotte, our marketing executive in the UK:

“As someone who hasn’t been on a ‘proper’ walk in a while, fitting in 5 miles around working and general life was a real struggle but really brought it home as to the sacrifices and struggles that people face simply to collect water every day. It really shows the importance of the money raised throughout September and the positive change that’s hopefully to come.”

Lock on the Thames near our office at Howbery Park, Wallingford, UK

Sarah, our content manager based in the UK:

“That was quite a week! I walk a reasonable amount for exercise but having a target of five miles a day became a bit of an obsession. I discovered that a circuit of Howbery Park is about ¾ of a mile. Thinking about walking that distance seven times, carrying litres of water really highlighted the challenges that women and children face in developing countries. I was so lucky that most of my miles were along the Thames path in beautiful surroundings and absolutely glorious weather. A massive thank you to everyone who sponsored our team, and to Charlotte for providing the impetus for us to take part!”

Jessica, one of the drainage design product managers:

"Fitting in walking 5 miles a day was a big time commitment for me with work, two conferences to attend, a young family and modern life but it made me realise the sacrifice many have to make to get what we have on tap. I hope this can help bring water closer to home for some people.”

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. It’s not over yet – you can still support us and donate here

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