What’s New in InfoAsset 2020.2 - InfoAsset Manager, InfoAsset Online, and InfoAsset Mobile

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May 5, 2020 | Perrine Parrod

The latest release of InfoAsset, 2020.2, is now available. It offers many new features. Innovyze continues to improve its asset management offering, with CCTV management, mapping support, improved mobile capability, and enhanced video management in the cloud and on premise.

The release is available from the Support portal (see the end of this article for the details).

Easy CCTV Synchronization from InfoAsset Mobile to InfoAsset Manager

InfoAsset Manager and InfoAsset Mobile now provide automated PACP and MSCC CCTV update capability when InfoAsset Mobile is synchronized back to InfoAsset Manager. A single InfoAsset Mobile work order can include the inspection records (PACP Access database, MSCC XML), CCTV videos and associated images which can be used to easily update all existing associated CCTV work orders in InfoAsset Manager. The original record that had all the information will retain the PACP/MSCC database and will be shown as having been processed, for clarity.

See how to update scheduled CCTV work orders from attachments: 



Enhanced Mapping Support

InfoAsset Mobile can now display background maps published from a choice of web mapping services, such as WMS/WMTS including Bing Maps. See how it's done  >

InfoAsset Online now also provides MapBox map control in addition to support for Open Layers and Esri ArcGIS Online maps and scenes.

See how easy it is to connect ArcGIS Online to InfoAsset Online, and view the properties and histories of your pipes and other assets with a click  >

Watch InfoAsset Online’s support of ArcGIS Online maps and scenes  >

In InfoAsset Online, users can now create a series of printable map book/atlas style maps of a specific area. See how  >

Advanced theming enables more complex symbology based on one or more attributes resulting in a richer display of asset and non-asset properties. In addition, search tools for location, assets, and scheduled tasks are faster. Watch now  >

Improved Mobile Capability

InfoAsset Mobile can display toast reminders (notifications appearing on screen as a reminder of a scheduled task) for improved scheduling on your mobile device  >

Field crew tracking via GPS can be displayed on the map enabling office-based colleagues to locate and monitor where the crew has been  >

Cloud Support and Enhanced Video Management

Video streaming of CCTV inspections in InfoAsset Manager and InfoAsset Online is now supported for Google Drive, Azure, and AWS. On premise solutions include streaming videos from both a file server and a web server, in addition to videos stored as attachments in the InfoAsset Manager database.

Update Your Software

To update your InfoAsset to the latest version, 2020.2, if you have an active InfoCare subscription, just log in to the Product Download section of the Innovyze support portal.

If you are interested in purchasing InfoAsset, fill in a product inquiry form or contact us.


Innovyze has introduced UserVoice to speak directly to Product Managers. We encourage users to visit this forum to share your ideas, feature suggestions, and feedback about our Asset Management Products and Solutions. Visit https://innovyze.uservoice.com/forums/924220-asset-management

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Perrine Parrod

Perrine Parrod

Global Product Marketing Manager


Perrine is a Global Product Marketing Manager at Innovyze.

Tony Andrews

Tony Andrews

Global Product Manager for InfoAsset Asset Management product line and solutions


Tony has spent 30 years working in the water sector as a hydrologist, GIS specialist, hydraulic modeling, and asset management specialist, in research, consultancy and commercial software professional roles.