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November 17, 2021 | Patrick Bonk

Info360 Insight is a SaaS application for operational analytics and incident management unifying water utility data in the AWS cloud, applying sophisticated analytics, modeling, and alerting tools to make operational information more accessible, reliable, and actionable. Info360 Insight leverages your data investments to empower operators and engineers to quickly monitor, analyze, respond to, and optimize water operations.   

Here at Innovyze, we are constantly advancing our solutions so utilities can continue improving their services, and in furthering this mission, we developed new features of Info360 Insight. This offers even more benefits and capabilities for our customers. Some of the new features include the following:  

Easy Data Upload 

Easy data upload is an enhancement for streamlined drag and drop of static and flat file data sets (i.e., .csv files) to be utilized in addition to the live data connections established for live data ingestion. Static and flat file data, with the simple drag and drop functionalityenables users to view a snapshot of their historical data for analysis, and make use of expedient gap analysis for model comparisons (modeled vs. measured data).  


  • Purpose-built workstream for drag and drop of flat file data sets (i.e., .csv files) 
  • Bulk upload a large amount of information all at once  
  • Expedient gap analysis for model comparisons (modeled vs. measured data) 


Data Scrubbing 

Clean and analytic-ready data is essential for the usage of analytics and business intelligence solutions. Value mapping provides a means of transforming source telemetry and imported flat file data to compensate for missed or abnormal data points.  

Users can edit historical sensor data in the Data Editorallowing users to handle missing values, null/zero values, and fixed values updating the live data stream. Additionally, manual data editing allows users to retroactively adjust values to their measured historical data.   


  • Save time with an automatic data corrector 
  • Manual data editor on incoming live data and retroactive manual editing of measured historical values 
  • Easily delete sensor configurations without having to delete sensor data  



Analytic Updates 

Within Info360 Insight’s analytics and built-in KPIs, users can now utilize flow sensors in mass balance calculations for usage calculations. When billing data is availablethe user can now auto-compute minimum nightly flows based on a consumption pattern, as opposed to a fixed minimum nightly flow, which can be applied to the built-in leakage index tools (ILI calculations).   


  • Use flow sensors for mass balance usage measurement 
  • Auto-compute minimum nightly flows based on consumption  
  • Automatically estimate the zonal usage based on billing data 



Pump Performance Chart Enhancements  

Pump Performance Charts have been updated with multiple enhancements for improved visualization and analysis. Allowing multiple curves or point clusters to be visualized simultaneously. Save time and streamline your pump performance analysis with the new pump performance chart enhancements 


  • Variable speed pumps with multiple manufacturer curves 
  • Before and after maintenance 
  • Direct comparison between pumps  
  • Full view of various pump curves or point clusters 



Incident Impact Heat Maps  

Incident impact heat maps show time-dependent impacts of isolation scenarios within the Incident Manager. The heat map shows a visualization over a given 24-hour period providing an understanding of how many customers have been affected and how severe the incident’s respective disruption to the network may be. 


  • Understand how many customers have been affected and how severe the incident 
  • Utilizing Incident Manager’s isolation scenarios, view time-dependent impacts on customers to quickly identify a most effective course of action for a given incident  
  • Deploy the value of your hydraulic models to your operations and field teams while meeting their rapid decision making needs 

CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO: Heat Map for Impacts 

Info360 Insight bridges the gap between multiple data sets like SCADA, GIS, and hydraulic models so that you can quickly monitor, analyze, and pro-actively respond, allowing you to optimize water and wastewater operations fully. 

The software solution also empowers utilities to make confident decisions with complete access to utility data sets and built-in analytic tools for consolidating information. More importantly, it also provides operational information, intelligence, and tactical incident management for water utilities.   

To learn more about how to fully optimize your operational insights, visit: Info360 Insight  



Patrick Bonk

Patrick Bonk

Software Solutions Leader


Patrick Bonk is Innovyze’s Asia Pacific team resident Sewer Hydraulics Engineer with the role of Software Solutions Lead. Patrick has a Masters in Engineering Design of Sustainable Infrastructure and joined Innovyze in 2014 with a focus and passion towards the emergence of operational analytics decision support tools and software advancements within the context of Smart Water systems. You can ask me anything at patrick.bonk@innovyze.com

Allison Keir

Allison Keir

Digital Content Producer


Originally from the seacoast of New Hampshire, Allison has accumulated over 10 years of experience working in film production and digital marketing for companies based out of New York, Los Angeles, San Diego and Boston. She joined the Innovyze team in 2020 as our Digital Content Producer, focusing on blogs, videos, podcasts and various other product related articles. Inspired by her childhood love for outdoors, Allison has a personal and professional passion for environmental causes and sustainable solutions.